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    We aim to ensure that students will be scientifically literate individuals who are able to make sense of the world around them, make informed decisions and be socially responsible. We also aim to equip our students with the functional skills that will enable them to be independent and responsible members of society.

    In order to promote high standards of scientific understanding and to develop students’ love of investigation, we teach a broad range of topics in depth, which meet the demands of the new National Curriculum. Links between what is studied at Key Stages 3 and 4 are explicitly made so that students build on what they already know when acquiring new knowledge. Alongside the content of the curriculum we also teach students the skills they need in order to carry out investigations and learn independently.   

    Key Stage 3

    In addition to biology, physics and chemistry, students are taught to carry out investigations and apply all aspects of the scientific method including to analyse, interpret and evaluate.  In year 7 students cover a variety of topics including health and safety in science, chemical reactions, forces, cells and reproductions. The topics covered in year 8 include microbes and disease, space, digestion, and atoms, elements and compounds.

    A variety of teaching methods are used in order to challenge and engage all students. Practical is an integral part of the science curriculum and students are taught valuable skills that will be beneficial as they continue their science education. This includes planning and carrying out their own investigations as well as analysing and interpreting their results. Literacy and numeracy skills are an essential part of science learning and as such they are developed alongside the subject content.

    Key Stage 4

    Students continue to develop the understanding and skills they acquired in Key Stage 3 as many topics are revisited in greater detail. As part of the Science Core and Additional GCSE qualifications students cover physics, chemistry and biology topics. Students also continue to apply their investigative skills which are of particular importance for the controlled assessment. There is also the option of an extra GCSE in science which is excellent preparation for this students wishing to consider a science career and move onto doing science at A level.

    Extra-curricular information

    Members of the science department contribute to the school’s diverse programme of extracurricular activities by providing opportunities such as core and additional science revision workshops, forensics and science club. Throughout the year there are also numerous opportunities for trips to Cambridge University, Leicester University and Warwick University.  Our year 10 triple science students have visited the Botanical Gardens in Leicester and have had talks by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  The BAE have delivered inspiring workshops to year 7 and 8 and STEM ambassadors have given talks to our year 8 students to support them in considering science as a future career.    


    Miss Suzanne Thompson
    Curriculum Leader Science 

    Mr Vijay Majithia
    Teaching and Learning  Leader Science 

    Miss Monica Cheung
    Standards and Progress Leader Science

    Mr David Bennett 
    Teacher of Science

    Mrs Sarah Scriven
    Teacher of Science

    Mrs Sally Anne Lansberry 
    Teacher of Science

    Mr Kieran Neat
    Teacher of Science

    Mr Apollo Rai
    Assistant Principal / Teacher of Science Teacher

    Miss Cara Thompson
    Teacher of Science

    Miss Trish Marlow
    Science Technician

    Mrs Ellie Day
    Teaching Assistant 

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