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October Half Term Tasks

Follow the instructions, information and links to SharePoint below to access your October half-term tasks for each subject.

Hair and Beauty - Year 11

  • Work through your revision pack, there are plenty of activities / placemats and booklets for you to complete.
  • Please email me with the task you have completed (take a picture on your phone), so I can monitor where you are all at.
  • Consider the mock exam results and your incorrect answers.
  • Make a set of revision cards to bring back in with you. (I will supply the cards)
  • Email me if you need help.

Service and Maintenance Engineering - Year 11

From now and During Half term you should be doing the following:

  1. Complete the written element of the  Project ET213 . You have got all the exemplars to help you as well as the grading criteria for each level that you must meet . Minimum requirement a pass .
  2. Start the Research task on new Technologies within the Motor Industry ET233 . See the attachment below (engineering)

With this piece you must complete two separate written tasks on WORD.

  1. Task 1……..Research via the internet 3 new technologies within the Motor industry that have been developed . Write for each technology what it is , what does it do , how does it compare with the old technology and the positives and negatives about each technology.
  2. Task 2…….Pick one of the three technologies you have written about in task 1 and the do a full research on that particular one looking at Who and when it was developed , why was it developed , what costing implications to develop it , is there any statistical research that shows it has made improvements , saved lives etc . Include diagrams to show where it is within the vehicle.

Both tasks above must have max 600 words in each .

Once completed can you email me the work . At present you have till 30th October to complete both 1 and 2 above

PE - Year 11

The work set out for Y11 students in PE will only be for those resitting the UNIT 1 EXAM. If your child is currently doing any practical lessons, this means they are not completing the resits.

Students that are resitting the exam are in Mr Wotherspoon’s or Mr Santamarias class and have been set the task to complete the checkpoints set on the EVERLEARNER over Half Term. This will be a number of different questions on the content which they will have gone over and can provide the students with the revision needed before coming back and pushing on to their exams. An introduction to the Everlearner can be found on the PowerPoint and if you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to email Mr Kamp at –


The half term tasks are reading and listening exam style questions based on the topic of me, my family and friends. There are 5 listening questions, 5 reading questions and 1 translation to complete.


As per instructions given  in class this is an open book test so the big file covers the work that should have been done. The summaries file give conclusions to each of the lessons and you complete the DIT Half term test electronically then email it to me or complete the paper version and return it next lesson.

Maths - Year 11

Foundation Tier: "Wow!! You're going to explore how much it would cost to take a trip half way around the world!! Looking at two people in New Zealand,  your job is to help them plan the costs and savings of their trip to the UK and Europe. Whilst exploring the task, have a look at what New Zealand can over in return by following the link on the first page".


Higher Tier: "Racing to win! You are going to explore how a triathlon works when two friends decide to compete against each other! Follow the slides to see how each stage differs and where time can be won and lost - to ultimately find a winner!!"

Music - Year 11

Please find link to work attached -

Computer Science

Business Studies - Year 11


Spanish writing questions and tasks using skills to practice preparing for a writing task and adding extra information.


There is a choice of two English Language tasks. One PowerPoint guides you through a piece of non-fiction writing and the other guides you through a piece of creative writing. If your teacher has told you which one they want you to complete, select that one. Otherwise, you can choose which task you think you need to practise most. 

Make sure you try your best and either email your work to your teacher or bring it in for your first lesson back. 

Mrs Russell-Smith


You have been set topics on EverLearner that you need to complete during the half term. There are videos to watch and a test to complete for each topic. These will be tracked by your teacher and you will be assessed on these topics in future exams. These topics will not be covered in lessons so you must complete this work.

You have been given a booklet of questions on the same topics as the EverLearner videos and tests so that you can practise the types of questions you would get in your exams. The mark schemes for these booklets are the files that end in '- MS', so you can use these to check your work.

Work hard, stay safe

Food Technology



It is important to practice the new language we have learned in our work, as well as explaining key elements of the topic. So, the concept map will reinforce all of the work we have done in class.

The Knowledge and Recall quiz will check the students’ knowledge of the topic; they are then encouraged to do additional research and revision using BBC Bitesize, or their own knowledge organisers.


Your coral reef case study in the Andros Barrier Reef. Your task is to imagine you have been to Andros Island in the Bahamas and write a travel review describing your time there.


Students need to complete the knowledge organiser sheet on ‘How did Hitler consolidate his power?’ As well as focusing on the event, you need to show an understanding on how it helps Hitler come into power. There is a ‘Thinking Questions’ sheet where you can work your way through the different sections. As you go down the boxes, it does get challenging and will require you to analyse and evaluate your knowledge on Hitler’s consolidation to power. There are also links to BBC Bitesize on the PowerPoint where you can revise your Germany exam unit.


Your task for half term is to complete a risk assessment for your nursery. Risk assessments are a vital part of working in an early years setting, as they identify aspects of the environment that must be checked on a regular basis to keep your young children safe. It ensures that reasonable precautions are taken by all staff so that the young children are able to grow, develop and take appropriate risks as part of their development.


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