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Service and Maintenance Engineering

IMI Certificate in Service Maintenance Engineering

Curriculum Intent:

To give students an insight into basic Engineering concepts, incorporating maintenance procedures within the Motor Vehicle industry

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Curriculum Year 10

 ET211 - Health/Safety – This unit is to ensure students are safe in the engineering environment. Students learn about the principles and requirements of health and safety and develop their practical awareness. Students learn about personal protective equipment – what it is and how to use it in engineering environment, including developing their understanding of hazards and potential risks in an engineering environment, how to respond to these, all contributing to  developing awareness of personal responsibility. They also learn about effective housekeeping practices in an engineering environment.

ET216 - Job Roles – This unit ensures students understand the engineering environment. They learn about organisational structures, functions and roles and common working procedures. They learn about the importance of obtaining, interpreting and using information in order to support their job role within an engineering environment and develop their confidence about communication requirements when carrying out repairs in an engineering environment. They look at good working relationships with colleagues and customers in an engineering work environment to support their ability to confidently and appropriately interact with others at work.

ET212- Tools/Equipment - Familiarises students with tools, equipment and materials before practicals and  projects begin. Students look at technical data and develop their knowledge about different tools / equipment and how to select, use and maintain the different tools / equipment, including hand tools and measuring devices, effectively and safely. They develop their knowledge of materials used within the Engineering environment, as well as selecting and using these. Students also build their understanding of preparing and using common workshop equipment, as well as engineering maintenance, fabrication and fitting principles

ET214 - Maths/Science – Students develop understanding of the mathematics and science principles used in the engineering environment, using these principles in the engineering environment:

-  Number

-  Algebra 

-  Geometry and mensuration

They also learn to interpret graphical and statistical data  and apply relevant scientific principles to the engineering environment.

Students complete written assessments for all of these components and complete a practical assessment where they make a product using all the equipment provided to demonstrate their skills.

Curriculum Year 11

Students complete the following units to build a portfolio.

ET213 – Project in Engineering Environment. This enables students to practise their practical skills. Students learn about how to carry out and report on a project. Using this knowledge, they go on to identify and research a suitable topic for a project in the engineering environment, plan for and design and carry out their project.

PSD05 - Preparing For the Working Environment. This builds on the job roles unit from year 10 and helps students to understand the qualities they will need when they leave school. They learn how to approach an interview, conducting a mock interview to build their confidence and they research personal career opportunities and progression routes.

ET233 - Research on New Technologies within the Motor Engineering Industry. Students are taught research skills using different forms, eg: internet, magazines, articles. They then carry out thorough research into a new technology and write a report on their findings.

ET230 - Vehicle maintenance and servicing. This enables students to develop and secure their practical skills, considering health/safety requirements when servicing a motor vehicle, and conducting routine vehicle maintenance and inspection.

Extra-curricular Opportunities:

  • Work experience.
  • Guest speakers / demonstrations from industry specialists.
  • Trips to Companies, Car Dealerships
  • Extra lunchtime / after-school workshops

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