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Fullhurst Community College

Teaching & Learning Conferences

Every year, Fullhurst holds teaching and learning conferences for each year group.

The event is a chance for students to focus on a specialised topic that will aid in their overall achievement at school.

This spring term we have held these events for years 11, 8 & 7 so far and we'll be holding them for years 9 & 10 over the coming months. 

Here we will share some of what was discussed, which parents/carers can read and use to help their child further their education.


Year 11

Students were shown four specific strategies they could use for revision. It is important to recognise that not all students are the same, and some students might need to trial a few different revision strategies before they find one that works for them. It may also be the case that different subjects require different strategies.

In this session students were shown;

Retrieval Practice - Without any notes or resources, write down what you can about a topic. Students then need to check that (a) everything they have written is correct, and (b) find out what they might have missed out.

Dual Coding - by drawing diagrams along side notes students are more able to recall information. This could include infographics, labelled diagrams, timelines or even small cartoons (which might be useful for memorising quotes).

Interleaving - Rather than focus on one subject / topic for hours at a time, students should swap topics and subjects repeatedly, though individual sessions should be no less than twenty minutes.

Concrete Examples - Students should collect together from as many sources as possible fully modelled questions. These should be used to revise with.

Students should feel free to ask their teachers which method they would recommend!

The attached powerpoint slides give some examples of the various strategies.


Year 7 & 8

Year 7 and 8 participated in the Teaching and Learning Conference on the Fosse and Imperial Campus ahead of the KS3 Assessment cycle.

Students enjoyed an engaging hour focusing on Cognitive Load Theory, learning how the brain works and how they can use this information to maximise their revision.

They also experienced the power of Dual Coding, where they turned a paragraph into a series of images with great success. Later, pupils were asked to recall the information; they all demonstrated a significant improvement recalling detailed information from the images.

All Students then went on to create their own revision document, incorporating the Dual Coding method to support revision and create connections associated with the information from their Knowledge Organiser. Since the Conference, many students have gone on to create their own Dual Coded revision guides; this showcases the success of the Teaching and Learning Conference.

More information about the strategies can be found here.



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