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Year 11 Christmas tasks

Follow the instructions, information and links to SharePoint below to access your Christmas Break tasks for each subject.

Hair and Beauty 

Hi all, I would Like you ALL to complete at least 1 mock exam (there are 3 to choose from) and at least two activities (from the ones provided), over the Christmas break. You can email them to me and I will mark them over the break for you.

Remember your exam is on Thursday 7th Jan (the week we start back after Christmas). So you really need to be using your revision packs / question cards to revise!

You can do this! We are going to smash all results so far!

Have a good Christmas and don’t eat too much chocolate!

Mrs Cottle

and the Link:

Service and Maintenance Engineering

Year 11

  1. Revision using Mathswatch ,  MyMaths , Everlearn  and BBC Bitesize for Subject area on Maths/Science Exam Unit ET214
  2. Revision for those who missed Job Roles exam unit ET216 using

Other Units that need to be completed

Year 11

Completed Work(Should Be)

  1. Written Assessments(Questions)




ET216……..Job Roles

  1. Project (Hammer)


  1. Research New Technologies


  1. Preparing for Work


  1. Practical’s Written

ET211…….Health/Safety..(Risk/Hazards ..Workshop)

ET212…….Tools/Equipment..(Making the Hammer)


For those Year 11s retaking their PE exam in January, it is really important that you revise all of the content covered in your lessons . This is all of the components of fitness, fitness tests and training methods. Over the break, we would like the students retaking the test to complete 2 checkpoints on the Everlearner. I sent out a ‘How To’ video for the Everlearner last half term if anybody is unclear.

Many Thanks, Mr J.Kamp


Digital Information Technology DIT

The link below takes you to the revision content on the school SharePoint for DIT.

Every section has the main script from knowitallninja BUT ALSO has the Summary booklets which summarise the content brilliantly. The “Answers” folder has the answers to all the topic worksheets and the end of section assessments.

There is a folder of film clips which are each a few minutes long and a folder of knowledge organisers 1 for each section.

You can still use if you wish for everything including the videos and presentations.


Hi all,

You should have now received from your teachers the activity booklet you’ll need to work in over the Christmas break. It is vital you complete these tasks.

You will have a chance to self-assess your work and please remember to bring the booklet back to school to hand to your teacher on your first maths lesson back.

Happy Holidays!


During the Christmas Holidays you need to ensure you understand and demonstrate by giving examples of four key areas of developmental progression – ‘Technical Ability’, ‘Dexterity’, ‘Stamina’ and ‘Control of The Instrument’. Your activity is to read the PowerPoint which contains explanations of what these are, watch some examples of how I apply them to my Bass Guitar, and complete some written tasks to ensure you understand how they apply to your own instrument.                     

Computer Science

Year 11 – Read and make notes on the unit 1.4.1 on Network threats and then complete the worksheet.

Read and make notes on the unit 1.4.2 on Identifying and preventing vulnerabilities and then complete the worksheet.

Use the website ‘Teach ICT’ to revise the topics we have already covered. The username and password has been emailed to you.

The link for the work is:

Business Studies

With your Business Finance exam upcoming in February, you can find a useful range of revision resources and lessons on SharePoint, using the link below.

Remember, the exam is 2 hours long and is out of 60 marks. You are allowed to use a calculator in the exam, so if you are accessing the past papers, please practice these under exam conditions.



You will be completing listening exercises on the website This is Language on the topic of School & Future ambitions. You will need to identify key words with a gap fill exercise and also listen for meaning with a comprehension exercise.


You will be completing listening exercises on the website This is Language on the topic of Travel & Tourism. You will need to identify key words with a gap fill exercise and also listen for meaning with a comprehension exercise.


Hi year 11,

For English, please answer the following recall questions on ‘Journey’s End’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Try to do as many from memory first, then use your books and notes to fill in the ones you are not sure about.

It is important you write an answer for every question and complete both sections. Where possible, try to use a quotation to support your answer.

Mrs Russell-Smith

Journey’s End

  1. Who is the character Hardy and why is he important?
  2. What does Osborne say about Stanhope when he defends him in response to Hardy criticising Stanhope’s drinking.
  3. How long has Stanhope been at war?
  4. What sort of insect do they race in the trenches and how do they make them go faster?
  5. What is an M.C. and what horrific battle did Stanhope win his M.C. for?
  6. What school did Raleigh and Stanhope attend?
  7. How else are Stanhope and Raleigh linked?
  8. What colour is Osborne’s hair and what does it show?
  9. What do all the men call Osborne and what does this show?
  10. What illness does Hibbert say he is suffering from and why is this a convenient condition to have?
  11. What sports did Raleigh play at school?
  12. What is Stanhope’s first name and how do we learn it?
  13. How many circles did Trotter draw and why did he do this?
  14. Why does Stanhope censor Raleigh’s letter?
  15. What does the letter say?
  16. What instructions does Stanhope give to the Sergeant-Major when they discuss the plans for the Big Attack?
  17. What real event in WW1 is the ‘Big Attack’ referring to?
  18. When the Colonel gives Stanhope the orders about the raid, how does he react?
  19. When Raleigh finds out he has been chosen for the raid, how does he respond, and how is this different to Osborne’s reaction?
  20. How does Trotter react to the planned raid and what are the ‘red rags’ he talks about?
  21. What possessions does Osborne give to Stanhope and what does he ask him to do?
  22. What book does Osborne read and why is this significant?
  23. Why is Stanhope sarcastic about the Brigadier being pleased and what does he say?
  24. What information does the German prisoner give?
  25. Who does Raleigh eat with after the raid and why does he do this?
  26. Stanhope loses his temper at Raleigh. Why?
  27. Trotter is normally a comic character, but how does he show his loyalty and more serious side?
  28. How is Mason’s reaction to being asked to go up to the front line different to Hibbert’s and what does this suggest about class?
  29. How does Raleigh get injured and how does Stanhope act?
  30. What happens in the final moments of the play?

Romeo and Juliet

  1. Which characters start the brawl in Act 1 Scene 1?
  2. How many times has the ‘ancient grudge’ disturbed the peace in Verona?
  3. What reaction does Tybalt have to the fighting and how does this contrast with Benvolio’s reaction?
  4. Prince Escalus scolds Capulet and Montague. What punishment will they suffer if their followers fight in the street again?
  5. Why are Lord and Lady Montague worried about Romeo?
  6. Romeo is presented as a typical romantic lover (Petrarchan Lover). Give two examples of how Shakespeare presents him in this way.
  7. What advice does Benvolio give to his lovesick cousin?
  8. When Paris asks Lord Capulet if he can marry Juliet, how long does Lord Capulet ask him to wait?
  9. What kind of relationship does the nurse have with Juliet and how does Shakespeare show us this?
  10. How does Juliet respond when her mother asks her to look at and consider Paris as a potential husband?
  11. When Romeo says ‘I fear some consequence yet hanging in the stars’, what is he referring to and how does this link to the dream he had? Act 1 Scene 5
  12. What is the first thing Romeo says when he sees Juliet for the first time?
  13. How does Tybalt react when he recognises Romeo and what is Lord Capulet’s reaction?
  14. What does Juliet say when the nurse tells her that the person she just kissed is the son of her enemy?
  15. List two things that Romeo compares to Juliet in Act Two Scene Two.
  16. What does Juliet mean when she fears their love is ‘too like the lightning’?
  17. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
  18. What warning does the Friar give Romeo?
  19. Before Romeo joins Mercutio and Benvolio, they are discussing the duel that Romeo has been challenged to – who has proposed this duel?
  20. What does Benvolio say about the day at the start of act 3 scene 1 and what does he think they should do?
  21. What does Tybalt call Romeo in act 3 scene 1 and how does Romeo react?
  22. What exclamation does Mercutio repeat before dying?
  23. What does Romeo shout after he has avenged Mercutio’s death?
  24. Why does the Prince decide to banish Romeo, instead of sentence him to death?
  25. List three quotations that Lord Capulet uses to describe Juliet after she refuses to marry Paris
  26. What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet and what does that make Juliet decide?
  27. Juliet lists different things she would rather do than marry Paris when the Friar suggests she just does as her father has commanded – name three of them.
  28. How long is the potion supposed to keep Juliet in a dead-like state for?
  29. In Juliet’s soliloquy, she talks about her ‘plan B’ if the potion doesn’t work – what is this back-up plan?
  30. What does Lord Capulet compare Juliet to when he realises she has been taken by ‘an untimely frost’?


Hello Year 11, we hope you are having a well deserved rest this Christmas, but also that you are doing some much needed revision!

There are a few topics that we've chosen for you to practise over the break. You were given booklets back before the last holiday and these are the ones that you should look in to help you to answer these questions.

There is also a document online that shows you how to navigate through EverLearner to find videos that will help you.

Please complete these activities, there are 8 questions so if you do one-a-day you'll be finished before the new year!

We will be putting the markschemes up on SharePoint so you can check your work after you have completed it.

Have a great two weeks!

Christmas work

Food Technology


For your Christmas holiday task you need to complete your Primary research section to form part of your NEA work. This is a vital component in ensuring you have a range of research methods to meet the exam brief. Please follow the success criteria provided on Slide 23 of the PowerPoint, and use the exemplar material on Slides 24 and 25 to assist you in completing this task. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. Miss Anderson.

Link to SharePoint to PowerPoint of instructions:


Yr11 are you aware that Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being?

It allows your brains the freedom for free expression, even by doodling this can have a wonderful impact on how you process, retain and share information.

To support your well being over Christmas, look at the mixed media artist Deb Weiers and have fun creating one of her pieces.

Year 11 (NP), for those pupils who plan to create some artwork over the holiday towards your portfolio, try to focus on the basic expectations for project 2:

  1. Primary research (own photos and sketches). Make them relevant and specific to your ideas. Use different angles, lighting, filters, details…
  2. Choose x2 artists that you find interesting that relate to your theme. Provide research on them.
  3. Make some observational drawings from your photos.

Please feel free to email me. Have a restful break and stay safe.


Hi all,

Here is your Christmas work for Philosophy.

1 Read the section on Salah, and other forms of Islamic prayer. Then complete the 5 mark question (requires a quote or reference to wisdom or authority).

2 Read the section on Charity, and complete the 5 mark question (requires a quote or reference to wisdom or authority).

3 Read the section on Fasting, and complete the 4 mark question.

4 Read the section on Hajj, and complete the 4 mark question.

5 Read the section on Jihad, then complete the Exam Practice question – this is worth 12 marks, and requires 2/3 arguments for and 2/3 arguments against the statement, plus a conclusion. Quotes or references to wisdom and authority are needed to support ideas.

6 Complete the revision quiz:



Hello Year 11

Here is your History Homework for the Christmas period;

  1. Complete the Task Sheet on the Life for the Rich and Poor in Elizabethan England using pages 16-21 of the Elizabeth Revision Guide
    1. Task Sheet Link  (you can answer the questions in your book, you don’t have to print a copy)
    2. Revision Guide Link  
  2. Complete the recall quiz. Remember you need to get at least 15 out of 30 -


Design and Technology

Over the Holidays you need to make sure you have completed the first section of objective 4. This includes 4 A3 sheets of the drawings of the developed design ideas (one per page) and the designs must be annotated. The drawings must be rendered and have a black outline. Any problems or questions  e-mail Miss Kooner. Enjoy Christmas and stay safe.


Hi Year 11,

For your Drama Christmas Homework, please complete the following:

  1. Revise and learn the key terminology in the PowerPoint called ‘Key Terminology’.
  2. Test yourself by answering the following multiple choice questions.

Happy Learning!

Ms Reynolds


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