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Fullhurst Community College

Year 6 transition

Thank you for choosing Fullhurst Community College as the secondary school for your child. I know that it is arguably the most important decision parents make; choosing Fullhurst means that you have given your child the very best chance of succeeding both academically and in the wide variety of vocational, sporting, arts, leadership and other opportunities we offer to our students.

Our staff are committed to transforming the lives of our students; our students deserve the best. We have moved from strength to strength and increasing proportions of our students are reaching the very highest levels of attainment. We have recently been named as the Leicester Mercury School of the Year as well as being placed in the top 200 schools in the country for student progress. Furthermore, we are delighted to be announced as a finalist in a national schools’ award, more information of which we can share in due course. In terms of personal well-being you can be sure that your child will be offered all that s/he needs to develop into a confident, responsible and successful young person.

You may also be aware that we’re in the process of expanding our school to accommodate more students over the coming years. Our Ellesmere development was discussed at our Open Evening in September. Please be assured that the expansion is still going ahead and our new Key Stage 3 site is scheduled to be completed in August 2019. Therefore, your child will be attending the main school as of September 2018.

To make sure that your child is happy and confident about her/his transfer to our school, there will be a number of opportunities to meet staff over the next few weeks:

Primary school visits
We are currently visiting all our primary schools, in arrangement with the headteachers. These visits are an opportunity for pupils to ask any questions they have about transition and life at Fullhurst, to meet the Head of Year 7 and to get an experience of what lessons are like at Fullhurst.

Letters to students
As well as writing to parents, we will be personally writing to all our new students also. These letters and information packs will be arriving in the coming weeks, so your child can start to feel a part of the Fullhurst community.

Meetings with parents
We have been contacting parents to make appointments for you and your child to come into school to meet with a senior member of our staff. These meetings are taking place at a convenient time this month. This meeting will allow us to discuss our expectations of our students and a few more details of how the school works day-to-day. This will also allow you to have any queries answered. We ran this successfully for the first time last year, with positive feedback from parents.

Monday 2 July – Induction evening
This evening runs from 6.00pm- 7.15 pm at Fullhurst Community College. If you would like to try our catering menu, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the evening. This will be served in our school canteen. This offer will be available from 7:15pm – 7:30pm should you wish to try it after the evening has finished. The evening begins, in the main hall, with an introduction to the school from myself and by Mrs Coombs our Key Stage 3 leader, who will talk in some depth about the transition process. As well as this, you and your child will have an opportunity to meet their form tutor, who will explain further about transition to Fullhurst.

During the course of this evening we would like all parents to complete admissions forms to Fullhurst, if these have not already been completed. If they have not, we would ask that you bring with you emergency contact information and doctor’s contact details. There will also be an opportunity for you to purchase the Fullhurst tie and badge on this evening, which cost £3.50.

Tuesday 3 July - Induction day
Our induction day starts at 8.30 am, with an assembly in the main hall and runs until 3.00pm. During the course of the day pupils will experience what lessons are like in all of our different faculties at Fullhurst. As well as this:

  • All pupils need to attend in their current school uniform.
  • We ask for all pupils to be dropped off and picked up at visitor entrance gates, not the main student entrance. There will be staff present here at the start and the end of the day, to direct students safely either into Fullhurst through the main reception, or out of the school to these gates.
  • All pupils will have a free lunch provided for them.
  • All pupils should bring with them equipment to write with, as this will be needed in some of our activities.
  • All pupils will need to bring outdoor clothing suitable for the weather conditions that day e.g. coats, sun hats etc as the afternoon will be spent outside.
  • Pupils may bring with them a drink and snack, as they will have a break in the morning.

Finally, we’d like to encourage you to explore the Fullhurst website and visit this page regularly, as it will be updated with all the transition information you will need over the next few months. We look forward to meeting you and your child over the next few weeks. If you have any queries at all please contact Deputy Principal, Mr. Heal, on  or on 0116 282 4326.

Letters to year 6 parents 2018

Year 7 summer holiday reading project

We would like all new year 7 students to complete a reading project over the summer holidays in preparation for their first lessons at Fullhurst Community College.  All students should complete the tasks in the reading journal below (all students should have been provided with a printed copy).  Students in 7D should complete the journal labelled 7D.  We hope you enjoy working through the tasks. 

  • You need to read at least one pair of texts (an article and a section of a story).
  •  After reading each pair, you will fill in the reading journal to show how much you have understood and to ask any questions.
  •  Complete as many pairs as you can.
  • At the end of the booklet there are some creative tasks to complete if you want to.
  • You need to bring this booklet back to Fullhurst on your first day back after the summer holiday.
  • You will use this reading in your English lessons when you start at Fullhurst.

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