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Year 8 homework

Your son or daughter's subject teachers will set weekly homework.


In Communications, students will be set weekly vocabulary and comprehension homework on the topic that they are studying.

Year 8 - Art of rhetoric


Geography - Water on the land and development
RE - Environmental issues
History - British Empire

Learning Centre 

At Key Stage 3 in the Learning Centre, homework is set on a weekly basis. Each student has their own homework book and they are given a week to complete the tasks given. Feedback is usually provided the following day, when their books are returned to them and time is put aside in lessons to revisit their work, improve it, and celebrate success.

All homework pieces are designed to either reinforce concepts taught in class the previous week, or to prepare students for the upcoming week’s work.

Homework is set every week on a Tuesday and is collected in on a Monday.

Each week the following pieces are set:

  • Spellings (tested on a Monday morning)
  • Maths
  • English
  • Humanities

Year 8 Learning Centre homework booklet - rotation 1

Maths and ICT


Students are expected to complete one homework per week in Maths.  All homework is personalised by teachers and tasks are designed to support, reinforce and challenge a student’s knowledge on topics which are delivered in lessons.  Students can access their homework by logging onto  MathsWatch.
A useful MathsWatch guide / FAQ can be read or downloaded.  However, should you have any queries please speak to your / your child's Maths teacher.

During the first term, homework will be based on the following topics;

  • Numbers
  • Area and volume
  • Statistics, graphs and charts
  • Expressions and equations
  • Functional skills in Maths

During term two, homework will be based on the following topics;

  • Real life graphs
  • Decimals and ratios
  • Lines and angles

During term three, homework will be based on the following topics;

  • Calculations and fractions
  • Straight line graphs
  • Percentages, decimals and fractions



Students are expected to complete one homework every three lessons in ICT.  All homework is designed to support, reinforce and challenge student’s knowledge on topics which are delivered during lessons.  Students are handed hard copies of their homework to be kept within their ICT homework folder throughout the year.

During the academic year, homework will be set on the following topics:

  • E-Safety cyberbullying
  • PowerPoint skills
  • Publisher skills
  • Word skills
  • Excel skills
  • Computer Science – Python
  • Computer Science – Microbit

To support and assist with ICT homework, students are advised to access the following websites:

Modern Foreign Languages

Recall of vocabulary and grammar, through the use of the homework recall booklet, given to every student. Homework is set once weekly and checked via a test in class.



Students are given four different homework activities during their rotation, including: health and safety in the classroom, an artist research task, a skill based exercise, a comprehension task and revision for a recall test.


Every week in Drama, students will be set recall homework to learn key skills and terminology to help them develop their performance and theory.


  • Week 1: Recall the key events that happen in scene one.
  • Week 2: Recall the four drama techniques you must include in your work.
  • Week 3: Recall the background of the playwright with links to the plot of the play.
  • Week 4:  Recall the context of Blood Brothers and describe how you would perform your character using the correct terminology. 
  • Week 5: Recall the assessment criteria


  • Week 6: Recall the definition of devising and the four different types of stimulus.
  • Week 7: Recall what physical theatre is and the purpose for using it in Drama – give examples.
  • Week 8: Recall the five features you must include in your final performance. Give examples of how you are incorporating them.


Students are set homework every other week which follows a specific theme throughout a rotation. For example, health and safety, research, design/draw activities, revision and finally a reading comprehension. These homework tasks are vital as students will refer to them during lessons and they will also help to develop subject knowledge ready for the recall examination.


Music students are set five homework activities during a rotation. The first homework is based around health and safety, looking at how to be responsible with musical equipment. The second homework focuses on creativity, based on each student’s favourite music. The third is researching famous musicians. The fourth is revision for a test and finally a reading homework to support comprehension and understanding.

Product Design

Students are given four different homework activities during their rotation which will cover: health and safety, research into a material, a comprehension task and revision for a recall test.


Homework for PE in year 8 involves reading around the sport that is being taught in lessons and learning key facts about this sport.


In Science, students will study a variety of different topics across the three subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The homework that is set every week, will be based on the booklet that relates to the topic that students are currently studying in Science lessons.  If students lose their booklet then they can ask their teacher for another one.

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