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Year 8 options

At Fullhurst we strongly believe that students learn better when they are more engaged, interested and motivated to achieve in subjects. Having spoken to both staff and students we believe that allowing students, at the end of year 8, to make option choices for what they study in year 9, will not only allow for better learning to take place, but will give students more time to cover the content of the ever more challenging GCSE courses. It is for these reasons we are introducing option choices in year 8, which will complement our already existing option system in year 9.

Below is a brief explanation of how the year 8 options system works.

 Core subjects

  (Studied by all)  

Option A

   (Students pick one subject from these options) 

Option B and C  

  (Students pick two subjects from the list below)


French *



Geography *

Business Studies


History *




Food Preparation and Nutrition



French *



Geography *



Hair and Beauty

    Health and Social Care

History *




Product Design

    Spanish *

Students will therefore pick three subjects in total, one from the Option A column and two from the Option B and C column of the table. We will also be asking students to pick a reserve subject because it is not always possible to give students their first choices, although every effort will be done to make this possible.

In the January of year 9, students will be given the opportunity to make further option choices, where a greater range of courses will be on offer. However, whilst in the year 9 options choices students may opt out of any choice made in year 8, students cannot opt into those courses marked with an * in the table. This is due to the amount of the GCSE course that will have been covered in year 8. In addition to this, students will not be able to opt into Music, for the same reasons, unless they already play a musical instrument.

Attached is the year 8 options booklet. This booklet contains information about each of the option courses and the year 8 options form which needs to be completed and handed into form tutors by Tuesday 27 June 2017

If you have any questions about the options process at Fullhurst Community College, please contact main reception on 0116 282 4326.

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