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Year 9 homework

Your son or daughter's subject teachers will set weekly homework.


Throughout the year, students will be set homework activities based around the themes being covered in lessons. Homework will be set every other week.


In Communications, students will be set weekly vocabulary and comprehension homework on the topic that they are studying.

Year 9 English Unit 1 (yellow)

Year 9 English Unit 2 (blue)

Year 9 English Unit 3 (purple)

Year 9 English Unit 4 (green)


In Drama, year 9 students are required to developed a range of skills based around the GCSE exam specification. Students will complete tasks to further what they have completed in lessons. Some examples are: character building activities, research tasks, line analysis, idea development and evaluations.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Throughout the duration of the year students will be set homework every two to three weeks which will relate to a theme they are following in class. Homework activities might require students to bring in ingredients to adapt recipes or further develop their subject knowledge through exam style questions in preparation for assessments. Students will also have access to the Jenny Ridgewell Nutrition Program from which they may be asked to prepare and cook a dishes to demonstrate their skills at the end of each project.


Hair and Beauty 

Every week at least one hour of homework time should be given to making a portfolio or diary showcasing practical styles carried out either in class or practised at home.


Students will be set homework once a week for History. The homework will either be a past question from the banks of questions provided or specific sections of the knowledge documents to learn and revise.

GCSE History revision questions

Crime and Punishment In Britain, c.500 to the present day

The Elizabethan Age 1558 – 1603

Germany in Transition 1919 – 193

USA 1929-200

Learning Centre 

Within the Learning Centre at Key Stage 4, homework is centred around being able to recall information or apply it through exam skills. Each student has their own homework book in which to complete the tasks given. Feedback is provided in class where students go through the work together and check for any misconceptions. This homework will enable staff to identify any areas that students need extra targeted support with.

Homework will be set on a Friday and collected in on a Tuesday.

Students will also be set homework by their Science teacher and the teachers that they have for their option subjects.



 Students are expected to complete one homework per week in Maths.  All homework is personalised by teachers and tasks are designed to support, reinforce and challenge a student’s knowledge on topics which are delivered in lessons.  Students can access their homework by logging onto MathsWatch.
A useful MathsWatch guide / FAQ can be read or downloaded.  However, should you have any queries please speak to your / your child's Maths teacher.

During the first term, homework will be based on the following topics:

  • Numbers - calculations
  • Algebra – expressions
  • Geometry – angles and polygons

During term two, homework will be based on the following topics:

  • Statistics – handling data
  • Number – fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Algebra – formulas and functions

During term three, homework will be based on the following topics;

  • Geometry – working in 2D
  • Probability
  • Numbers - measurements and accuracy



Students are expected to complete one homework every three lessons in ICT.  All homework is designed to support, reinforce and challenge student’s knowledge on topics which are delivered during lessons.  Students are handed hard copies of their homework to be kept within their ICT homework folder throughout the year.

During the academic year, homework will be set on the following topics:

  • File and folder management
  • E-Safety
  • Publisher skills
  • Photoshop skills
  • Python coding
  • MicroBit
  • Powerpoint skills

To support and assist with ICT homework, students are advised to access the following websites:

Modern Foreign Languages

Recall of vocabulary and grammar, through the use of the homework recall booklet, given to every student. This homework is set once weekly and checked via a test in class.

Grammar, reading, listening and translation exercises
These are set through the student exam booklet, worksheets or the online website One of these exercises is set once weekly and is checked via self-assessment in class.


Students will complete a research unit of the Rockschool Live course. Their homework will focus on research tasks and independent study towards completing their coursework. This homework will be set every other week.


In year 9, students will be researching different components of fitness and how this can benefit sports performance; this will help them to prepare for their exam. Students will also be researching different professional sports leaders and what qualities and skills they have as part of the leadership assessment.

Product Design 

Throughout the year, students will be set homework activities involving research and exam style questions based on the three projects they are completing. These involve a speaker project, a board game project and a metal work project. A homework activity is set every other week.


In year 9, teachers set homework at the start of each week and check it has been completed at the start of the following week. Students are given a short recall quiz to check for understanding in their lessons.

These booklets have been handed to all Year 9 students in preparation for their PPEs. They contain topic lists and practice questions which will be checked weekly by their science teacher.

 Year 9 Revision Booklet F

 Year 9 Revision Booklet H

Students are expected to complete 30 minutes of homework each week in science

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