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    Safeguarding at Fullhurst Community College
    Fullhurst Community College aims to safeguard and promote the welfare, safety and health of every registered student by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate. The students’ welfare is of paramount importance. This means we will always work to:

    • protect children and young people at our college from maltreatment.
    • prevent impairment of our children’s and young people’s health or development.
    • ensure that children and young people at our college grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.
    • undertake that role so as to enable children and young people at our college to have the best outcomes.

    What is involved in safeguarding?
    There are four main elements to our Safeguarding Children in Education - Child Protection Policy which you can also read in full:

    • Prevention (e.g. positive college atmosphere, teaching and pastoral support to students, preventing unsuitable people working with children).
    • Protection (by following agreed procedures, including visitor information, and ensuring staff are trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to child protection concerns).
    • Support (to students, parents and college staff).
    • Working with parents (build and maintain transparent, positive working relationships with parents to ensure appropriate communications and actions are undertaken).

    Who are the main safeguarding contacts at the college?

    • Designated Safeguarding Lead
      Mr Gary Carlile (Deputy Principal)
      0116 2824326

    • Alternate Safeguarding Lead
      Mr Apollo Rai  (Assistant Principal)
      0116 2824326

    • Child Protection Officer
      Miss Mary McKenzie
      0116 2824326

    • Named Safeguarding Governor & Chair of Governors
      Mr Rick Moore
      0116 2824326

    Advice for parents / carers
    If you have any concerns about a student at Fullhurst Community College, please contact Mr Gary Carlile on 0116 2824326 or  via gcarlile@fullhurst.leicester.sch.uk

    A reminder to students
    If you have any concerns, about yourself or a fellow student, it is important to talk to someone.  Remember, you can talk to ANY member of staff. You may want to speak to your Head of Year, Miss McKenzie or Mr Carlile  If you feel unable to speak to someone in college, you may wish to contact Childline  0800 1111

    We have put together some advice and links to further information on specific topics which you may find useful:

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