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    Vivo reward system

    Gaining vivos

    Students will automatically be awarded five Vivos for each week that they have full attendance AND do not receive any behaviour points.

    Teachers can award three additional rewards per lessons for:

    • Effort award – if a student has tried really hard in the lesson.
    • Excellent work – if a student has produced a really good piece of work that deserves recognition.
    • Fullhurst citizen – if the a student has actively demonstrated the ethos of the school (friendly, helpful, etc).

    Each term there will be an additional focus for which Form Tutors will award vivos for daily when they do the register.  The focus for the autumn term is uniform, and tutors will award an achievement point for each student in full, correct uniform at tutor time.

    Redeeming vivos

     Vivos are uploaded to the student's individual account and can be redeemed for an exciting range of products on the vivomiles.com website including:

    • Mobile phone top-up credit and High Street gift vouchers
    • Jewellery and watches
    • Sports equipment
    • School and stationery products
    • Computer games and electronic gadgets
    • And lots more!


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