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Wider Reading Resources Available

We have made some Wider Reading tools available for students in both KS3 and KS4.

The Wider Reading for Journey’s End that is available in the KS4 Learning Materials whilst the Wider Reading for Villains, Monsters and Master Manipulators that is available in the KS3 Learning Materials.

We cannot give out resources at the minute, so please take the time to read through the Wider Reading material – you should be reading one text per week. When you have read it, complete a task to show your understanding.

This could be:

  • summarising the text
  • selecting new vocabulary + defining terms
  • selecting three quotations and commenting on language and structure
  • writing your own story/article based on the read around
  • extra research on topic/factfile/poster

We are still using the English Credit Card, but now your teacher will track your progress (see below). Please send your English teacher an outline of the wider reading you have done each week and the task to support it. The student who completes the most ‘Wider Reading’ tasks will be awarded a prize at the end of each term!

You can find the link for the resources below:

Journeys End (KS4)

Villains, Monsters and Master Manipulators (KS3)

Remember, completing the Wider Reading texts has so many benefits, as it develops your knowledge of the social and historical context surrounding the play. This is vital for your GCSEs, as 50% of the marks given will be for your understanding of the context of the play. Essays that show evidence of a wider contextual understanding receive better marks than those that don’t. Using a wide range of sources develops your contextual understanding and knowledge of the subject. It also prepares you for ‘wider reading’ at A Level and University.

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