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Fullhurst Trailblazers (Student Leadership & Student Voice)

Following the Pandemic, many students have been keen to reengage with initiatives and projects that they care about, beyond the curriculum.

Beginning in 2023/24, the student leadership scheme is relaunching under the title ‘Fullhurst Trailblazers’, creating opportunities to broaden soft-skills, learn about each other, and foster transferrable employability skills for students’ time after Fullhurst.

From the start of the year, you may see student Trailblazers wearing coloured shield pins, each denoting their field of expertise. They will be encouraging participation, awareness and engagement across the school; anyone can support and participate in their many activities designed to get students interacting and furthering their own community ideas again.

Trailblazers are represented across both school sites as follows:

Volunteering & Promotion (Red) – events, photography, marketing and social media

Activity (Orange) – events, sports, involvement, participation and engagement

Charity (Yellow) – community outreach, fundraising and awareness

Environment (Green) – the Climate Crisis, wildlife, nature and ecology education

Wellbeing (Blue) – mental health, physical fitness and self-care

Equality (Purple) – equity, British Values, racial/religious identity, and LGBTQIA+ issues

Cooperation, understanding and diversity are at the core of everything we do at Fullhurst Community College. As such, Fullhurst Trailblazers across all yeargroups will meet at least every half-term to agree a focus and action plan, and Trailblazer teams will collaborate with other teams on projects to ensure impact and sharing of ideas.  An example of how teams might collaborate is shown below:


Proposed Termly Activities

Wellbeing & Environment

Mental Health & The Outdoors Scheme

Promotion & Activity

Marketing Project

Equality & Charity

Peer Project into Local Charities

Equality & Promotion

Equality Student Voice Survey

Environment & Activity

Year 7 Eco Event

Charity & Wellbeing

Wellbeing Bake-Sale

Environment & Charity

Fundraising in the Community

Activity & Wellbeing

Sports Day Support

Promotion & Equality

Diversity Week & Just Like Us

To support students achieve their plans, key school leaders are attached to each Trailblazer team, who can guide and train students to gain the most from their experience with us.

Our aim is for as many students as possible to engage with the scheme and the projects undertaken, even if they are not selected to be a leader. To get involved, just ask a student wearing a shield pin!

Furthermore, as part of the college's calendared Quality Assurance process, the views of the students across all year groups are surveyed regularly.  This is so as the quality of provision is continually evaluated and that students feel a greater sense of ownership over their school. This surveying is now part of the whole-school calendar, so as improvements can be evaluated across the different areas of the college on a consistent basis. 


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