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Child Development

Curriculum Intent

Child Development is a vocational qualification that is ideal for those considering working within the childcare sector in the future. During this two-year course, students are taught a variety of skills; ranging from how to prevent injuries to children to how they children develop from conception to five years of age. Completing an OCR Cambridge National Level 2 in Child Development will offer students the opportunity to progress onto a Level 3 course.

Year 10 Curriculum

This qualification consists of three units, each coursework unit is worth 30% and the exam unit is worth 40%. The first two units covered in Year 10 are R058 and R059. These units are assessed internally through coursework.

  • R058 – In this unit students will be learning how to create a safe environment and understand the nutritional needs of children from birth to five years.   They will be looking the importance of creating a safe environment for children in a childcare setting.  This will include how to choose appropriate equipment for the setting, which is quite different to providing equipment within the home setting.  They will also learn about the nutritional needs of children from birth to five years.
  • R059 – In this unit students will be learning about the development of a child from one to five years.  This unit involves students looking at children’s physical, intellectual and social development, and children’s play.  The will also learn about how to carry out observations of children’s development and how to provide a good play activity to promote the child’s development.

Year 11 Curriculum

The final unit covered in Year 11 is R057, and are assessed externally through an exam at the end of the academic year. 

  • R057 – In this unit students will learn about health and well-being for child development.  This unit involves students learning about the importance of being healthy before and during pregnancy, and creating conditions in which a child can thrive.  They will also learn how to prevent and manage childhood illnesses and how to create a safe environment.  Understanding these key factors will enable you to help and support those in your care.

Extra-curricular information

  • Support for the completion of coursework
  • Child Study

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