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We aim to provide students with the understanding needed to be successful members of the global community.  To be successful in adulthood, students will have to become confident in being self-governing and independent.  The nature of the topics taught will expose students to life skills needed to be safe, proactive and inquisitive about the wider world around them.

Key Stage 3

Students explore a range of topics that help them further understand Citizenship at a local, national and global level. 

The topics taught are:

  • British politics
    Exploring the British political system, how voting works in the UK, local and regional governments, democracy and how citizens can impact upon this.
  • The law
    How laws are made, examining some key laws which impact upon our lives, the difference between civil and criminal law and examining how citizens can try to impact upon these laws.
  • Global citizenship
    Examining climate change and differing global levels of development and considering what role we all have to play in this as global citizens.
  • What does it mean to be a citizen of Britain?  
    Examining British culture, the diversity of British society and how this has and is changing over time.
  • Human rights
    Studying what they are, how they were arrived at, examples of where they are threatened and what we can do to ensure they are upheld.

Key Stage 4

In year 10, all students continue to study Citizenship to further understand the world around them. They examine rights and responsibilities, considering human rights, legal and political rights. They also consider responsibilities in a local, national and global context.  Students then have the opportunity to work collaboratively as active citizens and campaign for an issue where they feel either rights are being effected or that we have a responsibility to take action over.

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