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Creative iMedia

Curriculum Intent

This Level 2 qualification aims to develop students’ knowledge and technical skills through vocational contexts by studying the knowledge, understanding and skills related to the media products that we are all familiar with.

The skills that are delivered and developed in this course include learning how to use a range of computer applications to create digital images, animations and websites. Students will also learn how to produce a range of pre-production documents including storyboards, visualisation diagrams and scripts.

Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia

This course is focussed on developing knowledge, understanding and practical skills that would be used in the media industry. The term media in this context includes traditional media such as film, television, radio print publishing and new media such as Computer games, interactive media, internet, print publishing.

In the qualification students will use their learning in practical real-life situations such as:

1) Developing visual identities for clients

2) Planning and creating original digital graphics

3) Planning, creating and reviewing original digital media products

The qualification will also help students to develop skills which are not only relevant to the media industry but to other real-life situations such as:

  • Thinking about situations and deciding what is required to be successful
  • Exploring and generating original ideas to find imaginative solutions to problems
  • Selecting the best tools and techniques to use to solve a problem

Year 10

Unit R094 Visual Identity & Digital Graphics

(Mandatory Unit – Coursework – Assessed by Teacher and then Reviewed by Exam Board, 30% of the qualification)

In this unit students will learn how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences. A visual identity communicates values and core principles to the consumer, user or customer of the organisation)

Topics include:

1) Develop visual identity

2) Plan digital graphics for products

3) Create visual identity and digital graphics

Unit R097 Interactive Digital Media

(Coursework – Assessed by Teacher and then Reviewed by Exam Board, 30% of the qualification)

In this unit students will learn to design and create interactive digital media products for chosen platforms. This will include a fusion of media rich content including text, images, sounds, video and animation. You will learn to select, edit and repurpose multimedia content of different kinds and create the structure and interactive elements necessary for an effective user experience.

  1. Plan interactive digital media
  2. Create interactive digital media
  3. Review interactive digital media

Year 11

Unit R093 Creative iMedia in the Media industry (Mandatory unit – Exam Assessed, 40% of the qualification)

In this unit students will learn about the media industry, digital media products and how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences. This will involve exploring products,  job roles, legal and ethical issues,

Topics include:

1) The media industry

2) Factors influencing product design

3) Pre-production planning

4) Distribution Considerations

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