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English Revision

Below you will find resources to help you revise for the English Language and English Literature exams.

Exam Date Time Duration
English Language Paper 1: Fiction and Imaginative Writing  (40% of grade)                                                       Tuesday 5 June                  09.00           1 hr 45 mins    
English Language Paper 2: Non-Fiction (post 1914) and Transactional Writing  (60% of grade) Friday 8 June 09.00 2hrs

Main content to revise

  • Language Paper 1
    Section A: Reading Fiction - Short Answer Questions (Q1,2) Analyse Language and Structure (Q3), Evaluate (Q4)
    Section B: Writing (40 marks) Creative Writing (Q5/6)
  • Language Paper 2
    Section A: Reading  Non-Fiction - Short Answer Questions (Q1,2, 4,5) Analyse Language and Structure (Q3), Evaluate(Q6) Synthesise (Q7a) Compare (Q7b)
    Section B: Writing (40 marks) Transactional Writing (Q8/9)
Exam Date Time Duration
English Literature Paper 1: Shakespeare and Post 1914 Literature (50% of grade)                           Tuesday 22 May       09.00  1hr 45mins
English Literature Paper 1: 19th Century Novel and Poetry since 1789 (50% of grade)  Friday 25 May 09.00 2hr 15mins

Main content to revise

  • Literature Paper 1
    Section A: Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet (Part A and Part B)
    Section B: British Play - Journey’s End
  • Literature Paper 2
    Section A: 19th Century Novel - Frankenstein (Part A and Part B)
    Section B: Poetry - Anthology Poems Unseen Poems

How best to revise

  • Use revision guides / Class notes / Content of exercise books to make flashcards/ create character profiles / theme charts
  • Use past exam papers / PPEs to improve writing based on teacher comments
  • Complete practice questions / essays in timed conditions
  • Attend revision sessions
  • Learn quotations


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