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You will be using the below website: Language Gym to complete your half term work as well as completing 3 verb hands:

· Aller (I used to go, I went, I go, I am going to go, I would go)

· Travailler (I used to work, I worked, I work, I am going to work, I would work)

· Manger (I used to eat, I ate, I eat, I’m going to eat, I would eat)

Activity 1

Spend 5 minutes on the verb trainer for the conditional tense

Activity 2

Spend 30 minutes completing the Reading workout on ‘a typical school day’. There are 4 components to this and you will need to complete each component.

Activity 3

Spend at least 10 minutes completing the audio boxing game on ‘plans for the weekend’.


Complete all the tasks and activities on the worksheet at the bottom of the page. 

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