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Ofsted and Parents View

Fullhurst Community College was inspected by Ofsted on 26 September 2023.  We are very proud to announce that Fullhurst Community College continues to be good in all areas.  This is a reflection of the fantastic work that goes on at Fullhurst on a daily basis.  View / download a copy of the full Ofsted report below or via the Ofsted website.

Here are some of the comments we are most proud of:

  • Pupils are happy to attend Fullhurst Community College.
  • The school has planned an ambitious curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Pupils feel safe in the school. They know who they can talk to if they need help and trust staff to resolve issues quickly
  • Pupils respect diversity.
  • All pupils have opportunities to achieve their aspirations.
  • The school values underpin the strong relationships pupils have with staff and each other.
  • Dedicated staff at the school have worked hard to create an inclusive culture.
  • The school prepares pupils well for their next steps in education and future careers.
  • Pupils with SEND (specially resourced provision) receive excellent support from well-trained staff.

Parent View

We are committed to engaging you as parents, to ensure your contribution counts in shaping the college's future.  At Fullhurst we place great emphasis on continually evaluating and responding to your views.

Our Parent Feedback Form and Ofsted Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about Fullhurst Community College.  For the Ofsted Parent View simply register and visit the 'Give your Views' tab.

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