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Statisics Revision

Below you will find resources to help you revise for the Statistics exam.

Exam Date Time Duration
Statistics: Unit 1 (H) Thursday 21 June 09.00 2hrs

Main content to revise

Whilst making sure you cover all the content, the areas we need to prioritise are:

  • Time series / Moving averages / Seasonal variation
  • Spearmans Rank
  • Normal distribution / Standard deviation / Standardised scores 
  • Binomial distribution
  • Cumulative frequency / Box plots
  • Histograms
  • Venn diagrams
  • Averages of grouped data
  • Sampling

How best to revise

  • Exercise books
  • Booklets from lessons / Homework
  • Revision guides (available from Mrs Fielder)
  • Revision workbooks (available from Mrs Fielder)
  • You have been given booklets and revision materials to revise these topics
  • Identify the topics that you need to work on and prioritise them using the list above use this to work through each topic in turn until you are confident with them
  • If you need any further resources or support speak to your teacher


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