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Travel & Tourism

Curriculum Intent

This qualification introduces students to the world of travel and tourism. Students will explore some of the key areas within the sector, including accommodation, tourism development and promotion, transport and visitor attractions. They will investigate the importance of the travel and tourism to the UK and will be able to research, plan, make decisions for designing a holiday as well as researching consumer technologies.

Students will carry out tasks/assignments throughout the course for each unit along with an exam in Year 11.

Year 10 Curriculum

This qualification consists of three units, which will make up the total qualification. The first two units covered in Year 10. These units are assessed internally through coursework.

·         Component 1 (30% of course) – Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations: Students will be investigating travel and tourism organisations in the UK (e.g. Holiday Inn, Virgin Group) the role of consumer technologies such as apps in travel and tourism and the different types of tourism and visitors. Students will have to conduct research in these areas and apply their knowledge to a specific visitor profile about a destination they should visit and how to reach it.

·         Component 2 (30% of course) – Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism: This unit involves investigating how organisations use market research. Students will also find out about how organisations meet the specific needs of tourists such as the accommodation or budget. They will need to identify customer needs from a visitor profile and then suggest new products and services and create a travel plan.

Year 11 Curriculum

The final unit is covered in Year 11, this is an exam worth 40% of the course.

·         Component 3 - Influences on Global Travel and Tourism: This unit will involve students exploring the factors that may influence global travel and tourism, e.g. the media, politics and natural disasters and how travel and tourism organisations and destinations respond to these factors. They will look at the potential impacts of tourism at global destinations and how to achieve sustainable tourism.

Extra-curricular information

  • Trip of travel agents
  • Trips to travel shows
  • Trips to airports

Visit the specific pages to find out more about each subject.

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