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Y11 Christmas Break Homework

Computer Science

  • Create a revision document (e.g. a concept map, poster, your own knowledge organiser) on the Systems Architecture Unit.
  • Then, answer the questions given to you during your Computer Science lesson.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, use the revision resource you have created and also any other revision website/book and add to any of the questions that you did not feel confident answering.
  • Complete the programming  questions given to you in class. 


For English Literature revision, please answer the following recall questions on ‘Journey’s End’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Try to do as many from memory first, then use your books and notes to fill in the ones you are not sure about.

The reason why we are setting you this is because you will have a PPE on ‘Journey’s End’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, so it will help with your revision.

It is important you write an answer for every question and complete both sections. Where possible, try to use a quotation to support your answer.

It is due on the first Wednesday back, Wednesday 10th January.

For English Language revision, please complete a minimum of one practice from ‘Section A’ (Reading Section) and one practice from ‘Section B’ (Writing Section). There is a guide of how to answer each question at the front of the booklet to support your responses. When we return after Christmas, we will be completing a ‘Walking Talking Mock’ for Language Paper 2 before completing your PPE in February. It is therefore really important that you practise this paper as much as possible so that you feel confident for your mock exams.

Your Section A and B response is due on the first Wednesday back, Wednesday 10th January.


For Drama Theory revision, please re read your copy of blood brothers, and complete the character study in your revision booklet.

PPE’s are coming at us rapidly, and with rehearsals for Component 3, we need to keep on top on Blood Brothers.

It is important you use your blood brothers script to complete the booklet and refamiliarize ourselves with the characters and text.

It is due on the first Wednesday back, Wednesday 10th January.

Keep reading your Comp 3 extracts so we can continue to work on these in class.

Film Studies

Students should complete their revision booklet, which will be given to them in class. This will also be available online. Students should also revise the Timeline of Film Technology in preparation for a timeline test in their first lesson back after the holidays.

Food Preparation and Nutrition  

Complete the following homework booklet:


To support your preparation for your upcoming Maths PPE Exams, you have been set 2 GCSE Maths Calculator papers to complete over the Christmas break. These have been set on MathsWatch  so you should be able to access this easily as it is how you receive your weekly homework.

You will have 2 GCSE Maths AQA papers to complete over the break (both calculator papers). Try your best on both papers and show full workings to gain method marks.

I have included this link to help you with topic video links if needed

 The deadline is the first Thursday back (11th January).


The Year 11 Stats homework should be done on MyMaths and consists of (currently) 3 online revision worksheets. This is already on the app.

Design and Technology

Students to finish off their final design page including the annotation, drawing and rendering.


Please complete the revision activities linking to the Development of the USA, 1929-2000 module. You have all been given a paper copy, but if you have lost this, please see below. Using retrieval practice, you should complete at least 1 concept map using the template at the end of the document. It is probably a good option to pick a topic area that you know you need to work on. You can complete the recall questions as an additional piece of work. When you return in January, we will be shifting our focus on the USA module as this will be examined in your February PPEs so it is a good idea to get a head start.

Due dates:-

X band – 12th January 2024

Y band – 10th January 2024

Z band – 9th January 2024

Philosophy & Ethics

Please complete the revision sheets for Christian and Muslim beliefs. You should use retrieval practice to complete these sheets to show what you already know and what you need to revise. You should all have a paper copy, but please find below an electronic copy.

Due date: Tuesday 9th January 2024


Please complete the concept map booklet as part of your Geography revision for the Christmas holidays. The concept map revision focuses on Paper 2 – The World Around Us. You should all have a paper copy, but an electronic version has been attached in case you lose this.

Due Date:

X band – 12th January 2024

Y band – 10th January 2024

Z band – 9th January 2024


Coursework folders will need to be submitted in January ready for students to receive their exam papers.

Over the Christmas holiday, students should be ensuring that all work is mounted and presented in their folders – this includes primary research, artist research and practical responses. A priority for all students will be to ensure that annotations are completed in folders as very few students are up to date with this and it will contribute significantly to their grade.


For Y11 Christmas homework please could you put the following blurb and link on the website for Spanish:

Over the Christmas holidays, please revise all topics we’ve covered using the assignments set on Language Gym. Prizes in January for top achievers! Feliz Navidad 😊

Triple Science 

Complete the Year 11 revision packs and revision PowerPoint - attached at the bottom of this page.


  • GCSE PE – To support revision for the upcoming PPEs students have a checklist of content to revise from both papers 1 and 2. There is also quizzes to complete on  . Teachers have emailed students with the link to the areas that need completing.
  • Enterprise – Students have revision topics and quizzes from Component 3 – Marketing and Finance on . Links are emailed to students to log in and complete.
  • Travel and tourism – Students have begun learning about component 3, influences on global travel and tourism. They have a recap and research sheet to complete around what they have learnt so far for the PPEs.
  • I Media – Students have revision topics and quizzes from the exam unit  - Creative iMedia in the media industry which they will have an exam on during the PPEs Links are emailed to students to log in and complete.
  • Health and social care – Students have been given individual tasks linked to the current coursework unit RO35: Health promotion campaigns. This has been sent to their school email.
  • Child development – Students have been given individual tasks linked to the current coursework unit RO59: Understanding the development of a child from 1 to 5. This has been sent to their school email.

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