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"By the time the bills are paid it doesn't leave much… thank you all”

Back in December,  students continued the long running Fullhurst Christmas tradition of creating food hampers for local residents who may be struggling for a variety of reasons, including vulnerable families and the elderly.  Over 50 hampers were made!

Each tutor group worked as a team to collect appropriate items and fill their box, many to the brim. There was then a team effort to wrap the boxes in time for them to be dropped off at the b-inspired office for them to distribute in the days leading up to Christmas.  Heartwarming messages of thanks,  from recipients of the hampers, were forwarded to us from the b-inspired team.

The following thank you messages,  from recipients of the hampers, were forwarded to us from the b-inspired team:

"Please tell Fullhurst School that the hamper was really lovely, by the time the bills are paid it doesn't leave much for anything else so I really appreciated it.  I came home to find it on my doorstep, there was so much of it, like potatoes, peas, beans and pasta, all the things I would use.  It was in a lovely big wrapped box and it kept me going over Christmas.  There was a card inside which was so nice, I really want to thank you all and hope you think of me again next year!" Claire 

"My hamper had mince pies, Xmas pud, veg soup, baked beans and lots of things I'd normally use. It was a great surprise to find it on my doorstep.  I know a couple of other people who got them too.  My neighbour loved hers and another lady stopped me in the street to say how happy she was to get it. Thank you to everyone at Fullhurst!" Les

I didn't hear the door go but when I went out, there it was and I didn’t know where it had come from so I rang my befriender to tell him about the box on the doorstep.  He told me not to touch it and asked if it was ticking!  After we worked out that it wasn’t a bomb I was really happy with it, I do struggle and there was some really expensive things in there. Thank you everyone! Albert

Stella White, KS4 leader at Fullhurst Community College and organiser of the annual collection said:  "Once again the hampers have made a difference to so many local people and I think the students and their families should be very proud.  Thank you to everyone who gave so generously."

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