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What makes a Prefect? – In their own words

Our Prefects tell us what it means to them and what they'd like to achieve.

A Prefect should try their hardest to achieve the very best they can. Not only that, they should be someone who inspires and helps to bring out the best in others. I think a Prefect should be not just the bridge between the students and the staff, but also the bridge between the students and their aspirations.

The role of a prefect demands for someone who shows great commitment to the school’s environment shows confidence in representing the school. The ability to be patient, fair, understanding, responsible, and approachable in any situation is also vital.

As a proactive member of the Student Council, I believe that every student should have their voice heard, no matter how quiet they whisper or how loud they shout. Every opinion and idea is valid and could make a massive change to the school environment, and so it is vital that we listen to each and every one of them.

As a Prefect I would first see how I can change the school, I would then see how I could carry this out with the other Prefects. After that I would attempt to carry this task out and try and do it in the best of my ability. I would develop the school by seeing how Year 11 could be helped with their studies more and see how the year 7 could possibly have the best experience of their school life for the next 5 school academic years. This would make it, so they are more focused in lessons and more determined in there learning environment.

I like all of my subjects but my favourite is Art. This is due to having no right or wrong answers and allowing me to show my creativity. Also everyone can work in different ways, for example someone may be sketching were as another may be using clay, and the funny thing is there is many ways to show work just for one topic. Also no one work will be identical it will have its own personality and features that someone else’s or the original artists may not have but you have used their work in your own way. I like art due to allowing every student to express themselves in a lot of different aspects.

An example of a time I had helped one of my peers was when one of my friends was clearly upset. I took the time at break to pull her aside and encourage her to open up to me about what was going on. I spoke to her about the situation and allowed her to express all her feelings, and it seemed to be a weight lifted off her shoulders. I then made sure she was doing well throughout the day and tried my best to keep her spirits high. This seemed to help her and she made me aware that she appreciated the help.

One improvement that could enhance students experience is giving students more opportunity to interact with other students. This gives the younger students a chance to ask the older children questions they have and it allows the older children to gain experience working in a group setting with mixed age groups. This enhances students experience as it is a way for them to learn new skills and they may also look forward to this break out of their busy school life. This could be done via teams and our Fullhurst app.

Another improvement that could enhance students experience is by having more out of school adults speak to us about their careers. For example, people that work in the medical field could students about their jobs, as well as people in tech fields and mechanical fields etc. This would enhance students experience as it is a way for them to be exposed to new careers that they may wish to pursue in the future.

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