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Our Secret Student Speaks!

The anonymous voice of the corridors let's us know what it's been like returning to the classroom

 The buzzing energy of the school halls and the vibrant display boards instantly puts you in a more energetic mood. Some days the school hours feel so endless and long but on other days they whiz past making us wonder where time went.

After the long six weeks off, or simply just the weekend, it’s nice to be back in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where we can interact with our friends and teachers.

 However, this year’s just not been the same: the virus which has made its way across the whole globe has made a huge impact on our day to day life. Even though the atmosphere of school hasn’t changed, many things have.

Whether it is the one-way system or how all year groups are on separate timetables, the days aren’t the same. It’s been weird having each group so isolated and having to wear a mask constantly. Most importantly, the uncertainty of whether you’re going home or not creeps around in the back of everyone’s mind- it’s something which nobody really wants to happen. Personally speaking, I know that learning from home may seem great (and at times it is) but the level of motivation can drop. When you’re in the comfort of your own home, it can be both a blessing and a limitation. A blessing because you get to work at your own pace and whenever you want (especially for people who liked to sleep in) but a limitation since that motivation and mind-set of work you have at school can be limited.

 Despite how unsettled this year has been, we should keep our heads held high and hopeful for the future! We can get through this!

  You’ve got this!!

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