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Culture Day 2023

We had an incredible celebration for Culture Day this year, exploring our diversity and the different identities we have at Fullhurst Community College. 

 As part of our fabulous celebration of Culture Day this year, Year 7 had the opportunity to watch a pantomime, while Year 8 collaborated with each other to make a large woven art project, featuring statements about who they are, their cultures and identities.

Students at Imperial campus were able to watch performances, take amazing group photos in our ‘360Photo Booth’, and learn about each other’s identities and our diversity, which makes Fullhurst such an inclusive place to be. In preparation for these events, students had PSHE lessons broadening their understanding of ‘culture’, and asking them to reflect on shared experiences as well as what makes each of them unique and individual.

Lots of work was done this year to build on the incredible culture we have here at the college, in the heart of Leicester, a short walk away from 'Britain’s most diverse road – Narborough Road.' Students received lunches themed on continents each day as part of our normal catering, as well as have the chance to sample some complimentary snacks at breaktime from different cultures at both Fosse and Imperial sites.

Students were invited to attend in clothing that represented who they are. We witnessed an array of clothing, with some in traditional dress, and others in national colours, festival clothing, or representing their favourite hobbies, sports and interests. Self-expression is such an important part of being a young person, and Fullhurst Community College welcomes this with all identities being celebrated as part of our school value – Unity.


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