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Student Metal Health Week

On Tuesday 6th and Weds 7th Feb, students in years 7-10 will be taking part in Mental Health workshops throughout the day (years 7 and 8 on Tues 6th, years 9 and 10 on Weds 7th). ​
The aim of the mental health workshops is to provide students with essential knowledge about mental health, including common issues, stressors, and coping mechanisms. In addition, it is important that we work to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help. This will encourage students to be more open about their struggles and less hesitant to seek support.​

Early intervention is key to preventing the development of more severe mental health conditions. The workshops will also teach students healthy coping mechanisms to equip them to handle stressors and setbacks more effectively and educate them on available resources and services both within and outside the school environment.

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