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How we report on progress

At Fullhurst we have very high expectations and aspirations for students in terms of the progress they make with their learning. In each of your son or daughter’s subjects, teachers will be assessing how well your child is doing and feeding back to them what they need to do to improve. Teachers use this assessment data to monitor that students are ‘on track’ to reach their potential in each subject.

We will report home to parents how much progress their son or daughter is making three times per year. Based on the ability of each child, we will report to what extent your child is meeting our expectations with regards their progress. The progress in each subject will be shown with a traffic light system, as follows:

  • Green – your son or daughter is ‘on track’ and meeting expected progress
  • Amber – your son or daughter is not quite making expected progress, and they need to catch-up
  • Red – we have concerns about the progress your son or daughter is making, and they need to catch-up

As well as this, we will report to parents the mark/grade your child achieved in their latest assessment in each of their subjects.

Key Stage 3 assessment

In KS3, our assessment model is broken down into three, 13 week cycles. Students will have both a skills and recall assessment at some point in the assessment fortnight, for each subject. ‘ARR’ at Fullhurst means to Assess, Reteach, Reassess, so as students can work on the feedback given to them following each assessment.

Assessment at Fullhurst CommunityCollege

Key Stage 4 assessment

In KS4, all students will sit Pre-Public Exams (PPEs).   Years 9 and 10 have one week of these exams and year 11 have two cycles of exams during the year. Students sit PPEs in exam conditions; results are then published to students and parents.

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