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Fullhurst Community College

College performance

Fullhurst Community College 2017 exam results

Fullhurst Community College students are celebrating another year of excellent GCSE exam results, with the college’s Progress 8 score +0.64!  This means that once again all abilities of students at Fullhurst have made excellent progress across their subjects.

  • Fullhurst Community College's Progress 8 score for 2017 is +0.64
  • Fullhurst Community College's Attainment 8 score for  2017 was 45.12
  • 26% of students achieved a grade 5+ in English and Maths
  • 6.5% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate

This short Department for Education You Tube video explains what the new GCSEs mean and why they are being changed, visit the Department for Education's campaign page for further information.  





You can compare school and college performance via the Department for Education performance tables website.

2016 exam results 

2016 saw Fullhurst students achieve record GCSE exam results for the third consecutive year:

  • Fullhurst Community College's Progress 8 score for 2016 was + 0.48
  • Fullhurst Community College's Attainment 8 score for 2016 was 48.66
  • 58% of students achieved A*-C  in English and Maths
  • 83.7% of students made expected progress in English and 53.7% exceeded expected progress
  • 61.3% of students made expected progress in Maths and 27.3% exceeded expected progress
  • 10.3% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate

This short Department for Education You Tube video explains Progress 8, the Government's new measure of school performance.  




2015 exam results 

Our 2015 exam results were, for the second year in a row, the highest in the college's history:

  • 51.2% of students left Fullhurst with 5A*-C, including English and Maths
  • 74.7% of students made expected rates of progress in English , which is above the national 2014 figures
  • 65.3% of students made expected rates of progress in Maths, which is inline with the national 2014 figures
  • Furthermore, 4% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate

What we were most proud about was the value we added to students during their time at Fullhurst, which was 1020 in 2015 . For this reason we chose to be one of the few schools / colleges across the country to opt into the new Progress 8 measure  which will effect all schools / college next year. Our 2015 progress  8 score was +0.10.

2014 exam results 

Our 2014 exam results were the highest in the college's history,  with 50% of students leaving the college with 5A*-C including English and Maths. 

Post 16 destination measures

The college is committed to ensuring that students leave Fullhurst with the necessary skills and qualifications to access post 16 education, training and employment.  2017 data shows that 164 of the 179 students who left Fullhurst this summer are in full time education, training or employment with a significant number of students continuing their studies at Leicester College and Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1 College. 

Fullhurst Community College reviews

Fullhurst is committed to rigorous self-evaluation to drive forward improvements within the school. As such we have a comprehensive quality assurance programme and are involved in external partnerships to quality assure provision within the school.

Challenge Partners review October 2017

Thorough Challenge Partners , the college is peer reviewed by a team of senior leaders from schools across the country.  After two vigorous days of observations across all subjects, our visitors identified excellent practice throughout all aspects of school life at Fullhurst.  View the full Challenge Partners review report.

Pupil Premium review April 2015 

It was clear from my visit that the progress of its disadvantaged students is a key priority for the school. The Senior Leadership Team is extremely committed to ensuring that its disadvantaged pupils receive quality-first teaching across all subjects supported by effective interventions and access to as wide a range of opportunities as possible. The school has an extremely good awareness of its students and their specific needs and has implemented an impressive range of interventions to target Maths and English skills in particular and to widen opportunity accordingly. These interventions are monitored very effectively, enabling the school to anticipate where they may need to intervene to have further impact on pupil learning. This work has already seen gaps close rapidly. The focus on high quality first teaching is reducing the need for additional interventions and indicates the sustainability of ongoing improvements in the outcomes of those pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. David Deacon Executive Summary April 2015

More information about Pupil Premium at Fullhurst Community College.

College surveys

As part of our ongoing self-evaluation, the college regularly seeks the views of others. As such we take part in surveys carried out by a nationally recognised organisation, Kirkland Rowell, which not only gathers information about the college from parents and students, but allows these results to be compared to other schools and colleges in England. Below are links to our most recent parental, staff and student surveys.

We are extremely pleased to report that 119 staff completed our most recent questionnaire with 95.8% of staff rating the performance of the school as 'good' or 'very good'.

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