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Curriculum Intent

Drama offers a unique contribution to the curriculum. It has a value as a cross-curricular subject and as an art in its own right. The Drama classroom provides opportunity for students to develop skills in communication and empathy, whilst supporting students in understanding concepts and characters in other subjects. We aim to give learners the opportunity to be creative, foster independent thought and build confidence. Drama exposes students to a range of scripts and develops the enjoyment of theatre and live performances. Our students have the opportunities to explore all facets of the theatre including devising, producing and critically exploring text and performance.   


Curriculum Outline

Year 7 Curriculum

In year 7, Drama skills and strategies are used to develop storytelling. The drama curriculum is designed to give learners an introduction to Drama skills such as voice projection, audience awareness and characterisation through exploration of genre. Students then go on to discover the origins of pantomime and master the conventions needed to create comic and entertaining performances. The students develop basic improvisation skills and experiment with slapstick and comic timing.   


Year 8 Curriculum

In year 8, students of Drama use performance skills for scripted work and explore the whole play ‘Blackout’. They aim to effectively stage scenes from a script and build foundational performance skills such as slow motion, levels and proxemics. Later in the year, they have the chance to build on improvisation and devising skills as they create their own exciting pieces of Drama based on given scenarios. Students explore and develop key skills such as utilising features of physical theatre, creating opportunities for flash backs or thought-tracking and scripting narration in their own performances. 


Year 9 Curriculum

Drama students in year 9 will collaborate in response to a stimulus to create their own original performance. The students develop Drama skills of using body language, voice, gesture, proxemics, and levels to create convincing characters and interactions in performance to impact their audience. In addition, students in year 9 will also get the opportunity to study and compare whole texts to understand how a play reflects the time and society in which it is written. In depth study of playwrights, characters and theme are used to develop students’ understanding of authorial intent and help analyse and present characters’ motivation in performance through physical skills and voice. 


Year 10 Curriculum

Throughout the study of GCSE Drama, students will be given opportunities to participate in and evaluate their own and others’ drama pieces. Firstly, learners create and develop ideas to communicate meaning in a devised theatrical performance in response to a given stimulus. Next, students of Drama explore a whole text, ‘Blood Brothers’, developing an understanding of the playwright’s intent and analysing the theatrical elements of the play in performance. Finally, students get the opportunity to look at texts in practice through application of theatrical skills to realise intensions in a live theatre performance. Students will explore a range of scripts including ‘Bouncers,’ ‘Monsters,’ and ‘Night at the Circus’ to conduct their own research and develop their own understanding of characters, theme and plot in order to enhance their own interpretations and performances which engage and encourage appropriate emotional reactions from the audience.


Year 11 Curriculum

In year 11, students of Drama continue their preparation for their GCSE. Firstly, students develop their understanding of texts in practice through application of theatrical skills to realise intensions in a live theatre performance. Students will explore a range of theatrical skills, especially how to use their voice and body to convey meaning and portray understanding of characters, theme and plot in order to enhance their own interpretations and performances which create a convincing performer-audience relationship. Students also have to opportunity to further develop knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and contexts of a whole play (their set text- Blood Brothers) and explore ideas to show understanding of Drama and how a play may be interpreted practically. Students do a live theatre review based on a visit to watch a current performance to analyse and evaluate the work of others.


Extra-curricular Opportunities

Drama Club – runs weekly at lunchtime in the Drama studio- G55. It is an opportunity to develop Drama skills such as improvisation or script work. Also it provides a great way to meet new people, gain confidence and take on new challenges. 


School Show- There are fantastic opportunities to be involved in the school show each year. Auditions are held for the cast each September/ October. The key skills needed include acting, singing and dancing. There are also positions for crew who work doing lighting, stage management, costume design, props and set design or hair and make-up. School show rehearsals take place after school on a Monday from 3:15-4:15. 


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