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Film Studies

Curriculum Intent

Film is widely acknowledged as the major art form of the 20th Century and today film continues to be part of most people’s cultural experience. We aim to build on students’ own experience of film, as consumers and creators, and to encourage a love of film, expose students to films from a range of cultures and equip students to critically analyse and interpret films to recognise the complexity of this experience within an increasingly globalised, interconnected environment.  


Curriculum Outline – GCSE Film

We aim to ensure that all students who opt for film gain an understanding of how the film industry works, both in term of big-budget and independent productions. Students are taught the key areas of the film industry through the use of set texts ranging from different areas of the industry, including Slumdog Millionaire, Tsotsi, Rebel Without a Cause, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and Juno.  Each student will explore cinematography, the technical side of film-making, such as the use of lighting, camera angles, mise-en-scene, covering the finer parts of film making such as costume and body language of an actor.

In year 10, students will focus on Global Film and English Film then move onto the production of their own film using top quality film equipment and software.

In year 11, students compare films made in the USA and learn to analyse film, identify genres and use knowledge of historical context to form in-depth opinions. Students will also look at independent film and how they emotionally engage an audience.

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