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Fullhurst Community College

Fullhurst staff

Below is a list of staff at Fullhurst Community College and their roles. If you would like to contact anyone, please do this via the main office on 0116  282 4326 or via email at

Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs C  Bailey Acting Principal Imperial Campus
Mr C Heal Acting Principal Fosse Campus
Mr J Gough Deputy Principal 
Mr A Rai Deputy Principal 
Mr D Clark Assistant Principal (Fosse Campus)
Mr J Croucher Assistant Principal (Imperial Campus)
Miss C Murphy Assistant Principal (SENDCO)
Ms H Sizer Deputy Principal
Mr S Willcock Deputy Principal
Ms K Frith Director of Resources

Pastoral Team 

Mrs G Gaskell Head of Year 7 (Fosse Campus)
Mrs V Kenney Head of Year 7 (Fosse Campus)
Mr M Khalifa Head of Year 9 (Imperial Campus)
Mrs T Desai  Head of Year 10 (Imperial Campus)
Mrs R Buckle Head of Year 11 (Imperial Campus)
Mrs D Coley Family Liaison Officer
Miss M McKenzie

Safeguarding Officer and External Provisions Coordinator

Miss R Findlay Senior Administration Officer
Miss C Robertson Pastoral Administrator
Mrs N McGlinchey Pastoral Administrator
Miss A Phillips Pastoral Administrator
Mrs N Greaves Pastoral Administrator
Ms A Phillips Pastoral Administrator
Miss K Emmony Assistant to the Head of Year 9
Miss A Lacey Assistant to the Head of Year 7
Miss L Priestley Assistant to the Head of Year 8 
Mrs A Schalkwyk Assistant to the Head of Year 10
Miss L Allen Counsellor
Mrs C Foxon Mentor Year 11
Mrs N Keshwala Mentor Year 9
Mr S King Mentor Year 7
Miss L Bent Mentor Year 10
Miss R Sumra Mentor Year 8
Mr A Piper Turning Point Manager

Communications Faculty 

Mrs S Russell-Smith Curriculum Leader English
Miss M Baldwin Standards & Progress Leader Communications 
Miss J Reynolds T&L Leader communications, Creative Coordinator, Drama Teacher
Miss I Dolan Teacher of English/Embedding Literacy Leader
Mr J Ball Teacher of English
Miss E Bray Teacher of English
Miss L Brown Teacher of English
Miss J Chowdhury Teacher of English
Miss J Hague  Teacher of English
Mrs K Ali Teacher of English
Mrs S Davison Teacher of English
Mr T Jones Fosse Campus Leader for Communications
Miss C Kell Teacher of English
Mr L Blake  Teacher of Drama
Ms F Bhattay English Mentor
Ms H Bach Teaching Assistant

Humanities Faculty 

Miss H Wright Curriculum Leader Humanities
Miss A Sheldrake Teaching and Learning Leader
Mrs S Stephenson Teaching and Learning Leader
Mr M Fairclough Standards and Progress Leader
Miss L Barratt Fosse Campus Humanities Leader
Miss S Bennett Teacher of Humanities
Miss K Cooper Teacher of Humanities
Mr G Davis Leader of Wider Reading Opportunities
Miss R Hocknell Teacher of Humanities
Miss S Ibrahim Leader of Homework Reading Standards
Mrs S Nathalia Teacher of Humanities
Mrs J Solanki Teacher of Humanities
Miss M Tyler Humanities  Mentor
Miss C Lloyd Health & Social Care Teacher

Maths Faculty

Mrs V Adeniyan Curriculum Leader Maths
Mr J Clow Teaching and Learning Leader - Maths
Mr M Curry Leader of Achievement Maths 
Ms A Graham Teaching Assistant L4
Mr D Murray Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Sarai Whole School Teaching and Learning Leader
Mr N Searson Teacher of Maths
Mr F Ali Teacher of Maths
Miss R Parrott Teacher of Maths
Miss F Miguil Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Batten Fosse Campus Leader Maths

ICT, Computer Science and Business Faculty 

Mr I Newcombe

Curriculum Leader ICT, Computer Science

and Business

Mr A Modi Standards Leader Year 11
Mr C Acton Standards Leader Year 8
Mr C Leake Teacher of ICT/Computer Science
Miss M Sidat Teacher of ICT/Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty 

Mrs N Kane  Head of  MFL
Miss E Petrovic Fosse Campus Leader MFL
Miss E Bracey Teacher of MFL 
Miss S Ramnarine Teacher of MFL
Miss K Weightman Teacher of MFL and More Able Coordinator
Mrs E Brewster Teacher of MFL
Mr M Martinez Teacher of MFL

PACA (Performing and Creative Arts) Faculty 

Miss S Anderson Curriculum Leader PACA 
Miss H Kooner Teaching and Learning Leader PACA / Teacher of Design and Technology
Mr M Ibrahim Teacher of Design and Technology
Mrs M Lachman Teacher of Art
Mr S Larsen Teacher of Music
Mrs N Platts  Teacher of Art
Miss J Simpkin Fosse Campus Leader for PACA
Mrs S Barton Technician PACA
Mrs M Tunaley  Technician PACA
Mr W Dickinson Technician PACA
Miss S Viney Creative Arts Mentor


Miss M Bird Teacher of PE, Year 10 Standards Leader
Mr J Kamp Head of PE
Mr J Hill Teacher of PE
Miss C Johnson Teacher of PE
Mr J Santamaria BTEC Quality Nominee and Teacher of PE
Mr S Wotherspoon

Fosse Campus Leader PE

Miss D Matthew Technician PE
Miss C Young Standards Leader Fosse Campus Yr 7

Science Faculty 

Miss R Baryana Curriculum Leader Science
Miss C Bramley Teaching and Learning Leader Science
Mrs M Hough Standards and Progress Leader - Science
Miss B Atkins Teacher of Science
Mr C Cracknell Teacher of Science
Miss G Kesgin Fosse Campus Leader for Science
Mr K Neat Teacher of Science
Mrs K Norton Teacher of Science
Ms M Oka Teacher of Science
Miss K Bharkhada Technician Science
Miss T Marlow Technician Science
Dr M Bound Science Mentor
Mr A Warner Science Mentor
Mr S Wharton Researchers in schools - Pearson
Miss C Boston Teacher of Science

Hair and Beauty 

Ms J Cottle Head of Hair and Beauty

Service and Maintenance Engineering 

Mr B Golhar Leader of Technical Awards / Teacher of Engineering
Mr D Holmes Motor Vehicles Technician

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)  

Miss C Murphy Assistant Principal - SEND, LAC and vulnerable students (SENCo) 
Mr T Brown Assisstant SENDCo
Ms N Chaudry Fosse Campus Leader for SEND
Miss C Quinn Teacher of Year 8
Mrs D Relf SEND Administrator
Miss S Owen Inclusion Manager (SEMH)
Mr C Perry Teacher of SEND
Mrs M Alner Teaching Assistant SEND
Mrs M Casimir SEMH Level 4 Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs S Postles Teaching Assistant SEND
Mrs L Redpath Teaching Assistant SEND
Miss S Sarpal Teaching Assistant SEND
Mrs J Scouta Teaching Assistant SEND
Miss J Sheehan Looked After Children (LAC) Mentor

Mrs H Tebbutt

Teaching Assistant SEND
Mrs S Woods Teaching Assistant SEND
Mr R Reader Mentor for SEND
Mr R Weatherill Mentor for SEND
Miss J Spicer Teaching Assistant
Miss T Sakalauskaite EAL Mentor

Cover Instructors 

Miss M Askham Cover Instructor
Mr J Collington Cover Instructor
Mr G Himan Cover Instructor
Miss N Hussain Cover Instructor
Mr A Idowu-Read Cover Instructor
Mr B Sibindi

Cover Instructor 

Ms A Smith Cover Instructor


Mrs L Stacey Exams Coordinator

Administrative and Support  

Mr J Pywell Leader of Enterprise and Employability
Mr P Leaman Marketing Development Officer
Mr C Franklin Marketing Development Officer
Mr P Barton SIMS Manager
Miss N Brennan Receptionist
Mrs N Buttery Learning Resources Manager
Mr V Chudasama ICT Technician
Mrs L Coltman Executive Assistant to the Principal
Ms L Faulds Curriculum IT Coordinator
Miss K Gunn Finance Assistant
Mr N Hall IT Support Technician
Mrs L Knight Data Manager
Mr Z Koncarevic Network Manager
Miss E Lunn Faculty Administrator
Mrs S Pearce Visitor Receptionist & Administrator
Mrs D Relf SEND Administrator
Mr J Richards Support Technician
Mrs R Somani HR Officer
Mr J Walker AV and IT Support Technician
Mrs K Williams Finance Officer
Mrs N Willett Administrative Assistant
Mrs Y Lorgat Attendance Administrator 
Mrs N Zanker Resource Centre Officer

Premises and Lunchtime Support 

Mr T Sharman Site Manager
Mr C Beardsmore Premises Officer
Mr D Footman  Premises Officer
Mr J Heathcote Premises Officer
Mr M Holyoak Premises Officer
Mr M Norman Premises Officer
Mr A Whitfield Premises Officer
Mr R Young Premises Officer 
Mrs N Bains Cleaner
Ms S Chell  Cleaner   
Miss A Cleaver  Cleaner
Miss C Davis Cleaner
Miss D Glover  Cleaner
Miss L Harris Cleaner
Miss V Liburd Cleaner
Mrs L Patel Cleaner
Miss J Quinn Cleaner
Miss J Ryan Cleaner
Miss C Stuttley Cleaner
Miss L Spencer Cleaner
Miss K Wright Cleaner
Mrs K Chinn Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Frisby Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M Hayes Lunchtime Supervisor

Fullhurst Community College

Fullhurst Community College
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tel: 0116 282 4326
fax: 0116 282 5781