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GCSE Revision

The key to doing well in exams lies in planning.  Listen to your teachers and follow their guidance on what to revise and how to prepare. If you revise and do everything your teachers ask you to do, you will not go wrong. Staff have provided subject specific revision tips on the pages below.

There are three easy steps to doing revision well:

  • Change
    By changing what is in exercise books or textbooks into a different form, we kick start our brains into action - we start thinking about new ways of presenting and digesting the information and start learning. Make diagrams, labelled drawings, timelines, mindmaps, charts, audio tapes, flash cards, mnemonics etc.
  • Challenge
    We work best when we are faced with a challenge.  Challenge yourself to really sort out topic that you have found difficult. Will taking a new approach help? Get someone to test you. Teach someone else to reaffirm your knowledge and encourage them to ask questions to deepen understanding.
  • Treats
    Break up your revision sessions and plan some treats to look forward to; fruit, chocolate, a walk, reading a magazine... whatever will motivate you.  Remember breaking up your revision gives you more stops and starts and more stops and starts increases your learning.  Relaxation is important to help you to stop feeling the pressure of exams and getting stressed. Find a technique that works for you and practice it when you are stressed or can't sleep such as visualising, meditating etc.

Top exam tips:

  • Some questions are data questions (read the graph, look at the map). That almost always means that all the info you need to get a good mark is on the exam paper. 
  • Know your basic terms. For example, the difference between 'describe' and 'explain'.
  • Plan answers. If you have four essays to write and a two-hour exam, don't spend an hour on the first one.
  • Look at how many marks the question is worth and write an appropriate amount. 
  • Don't panic. Take a sip of water and a few deep breaths. 

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