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History Revision

Below you will find resources to help you revise for the History exams.

Exam Date Time Duration
History: Paper 1 The Elizabethan Age (1hr) (25% of grade) and Paper 2 Germany in Transition (1hr) (25% of grade) Monday 4 June 09.00 2hrs
History: Paper 3 The Development of the USA  (45mins) (20% of grade) and Paper 4 Crime and Punishment (1hr 15 mins) (30% of grade) Friday 8 June 13.15 2hrs

Main content to revise

  • Paper 1: Elizabethan government, Lifestyles of the rich and poor, Popular entertainment, The problem of religion, The Catholic threat, The Spanish Armada, The puritan threat.
  • Paper 2: Impact of the First World War, Recovery of Weimar, End of the Weimar Republic, Consolidation of Nazi power, Nazi economic, social and racial policy, Terror and persuasion, Hitler’s foreign policy.
  • Paper 3: Economic downturn and recovery, The economic impact of the Second World War and post war developments, The issues of civil rights 1941-70, Political change 1960 – 2000, Social change 1950 – 2000, Cold War rivalry, The search for world peace since 1970.
  • Paper 4: Causes of crime, Nature of crimes, Enforcing law and order, Methods of combating crime, Methods of punishment, Attitudes to crime and punishment, Study of a historical site (the East End of London in the late nineteenth century).

How best to revise

  • Revision guides
  • Content exercise books
  • Exam skills exercise books
  • Old exam papers / PPE’S
  • Attendance of revision sessions


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