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Geography: We have come to the end of Ecosystems of the Planet. The worksheet is to consolidate everything we have learnt since the start of Year 11 on Ecosystems, with a specific focus on coral reefs (San Andros).


History: You need to complete the knowledge organiser sheet on ‘USA – The Great Depression and WW2?’ This is part of knowledge your recall from Year 10. You should recall the knowledge from your memory first before you use your revision guide to add in any extra information to your sheet.  This will help you for the first week back after half term when we will begin revising the USA module.


Philosophy: The mini exam questions will help reinforce your learning for the Muslim Beliefs module. Each section gives you some key revision material, as well as a chance to practice showing your own knowledge and understanding. This will ensure you are secure in your knowledge, and confident when writing about these subject areas, leading up to your GCSE.


Health and Social Care: The Health & Social Care quizzes will aid your learning for the R031 module. The quizzes allows you to think about how you cope in an emergency, what do you do if someone faints or experiences a shock. This will help you when writing your role play for LO3 of the coursework.

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