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Key Stage 3 Revision and Homework

Information guides for parents

At Key Stage Three students complete three curriculum cycles in each year. At the end of each curriculum cycle they complete two short assessments, looking at their recall of what they have been taught in the cycle and their application of skills they have learnt. These assessments build up as they progress through Key Stage.

In school students are supported to prepare for these assessments in their lessons, and are all given a Knowledge Organiser that details all of the information that they need to learn. Students use these in class, and in form times are shown different methods to revise that they can use at home.

Click here to access all Knowledge Organisers. Below are some video guides on how to use your Knowledge Organiser to revise for each year group.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9 


At Fullhurst Community College, we believe homework helps students to both consolidate and re-call learning that they have completed in school and to gain new knowledge and skills. 

Homework will help our students build positive habits throughout KS3 (year 7, 8 & 9) and will focus on small / shorter tasks that develop positive routines. improve self-regulation and organisation and build the key skill of independence needed to help them meet the higher demands at KS4 (year 10 & 11)  

At Fullhurst Community College, the setting of reading homework is backed by research which supports our key rationale:  

  • The more students read, the more quickly their reading skills improve;  

  • Time spent reading has a greater impact on student achievement than any other activity;  

  • Time spent reading positively impacts student progress in all subjects, including     Maths and Science;  

  • When this reading takes place outside of school, the impact on student progress is even bigger.  

Reading Homework is set approximately every fortnight (please see the Fullhurst App for full details) for years 7, 8 and 9 in the form of a reading booklet. These contain 6 short texts to read linked to the curriculum, with a summary activity. Students will receive a hard copy and a digital copy will be available on student Sharepoint.  

Mathswatch homework is set for years 7, 8 and 9 weekly by the class teacher. Mathswatch is on online platform that provides students with the opportunity to consolidate and secure their learning.  

Homework in other subjects at KS3. Tasks will focus on short activities, such as gap filling, labelling and matching and completing charts and tables. During year 9 homework levels will increase as students build towards KS4.   

Homework at KS4 will vary and will include revision, reading, research and practical exercises.  

Homework will be communicated to parents via the Fullhurst App. This will provide details of what is to be done, hand in arrangements and due date. There may however be times when homework is has to be set outside of the App but the same expectations for completion will be clearly communicated to students. 

How Parents and carers can help 
Parents can help and encourage their children to get into the habit of completing homework and submitting on time and working and learning independently. For example, at KS3 parents can support by talking about the texts in the reading booklet, at KS4 support might come in the form of helping their children to create a good environment to complete their work. 

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