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More Able students

What does More Able (MA) mean?

Being identified as a more- able student is a great achievement.  The Department of Education and Ofsted define the more- able in terms of those whose progress significantly exceeds age related expectations.  However, NACE looks beyond actual progress to include those who may be underachieving or whose skills and knowledge may extend beyond the school’s measures of progress and curriculum. Students are identified for the More- Able programme through the use of school data.

How do we support MA students?

At Fullhurst, we pride ourselves in ensuring that every individual student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  More- able students are predominately supported by their subject teachers, who provide greater challenges in lessons through more complex and open-ended tasks, and flexible learning strategies. Students are also supported through extra-curricular activities, including the More-Able Club. We have two MA Co-Ordinators appointed to support KS3 students at Fullhurst:

  • Miss L. Barratt, an MA Co-Ordinator for the college since 2017, and currently MA Co-Ordinator for Year 7. Miss. Barratt is also a Teacher of Humanities and Fosse Campus Leader for Humanities
  • Mr. S. Larson, MA- Co-Ordinator for Year 8. Mr. Larson is also a Teacher of Music and Conductor of the Fullhurst Community College Choir.

MA Club

We offer an extra-curricular MA Club on a Monday after college, designed to ensure that we challenge students whose targets exceed expectations to broaden their understanding and help them achieve their full potential. Students have the opportunity to explore topics and subjects they may not previously had access to in a friendly, dynamic and challenging environment. Both MA Co-Ordinators typically facilitate after- school sessions, but quite often, other staff members volunteer to deliver sessions. Some of these sessions have included learning Croatian and studying a lesson from A-Level Law. Due to the expansion of the college, we now have a separate MA Club for Year 7 and Year 8 students:

Year 7 MA Club- Mondays, 3:15pm- 4:15pm, Fosse Campus, F110

In previous years, Year 7 students have created their own games, learnt about the main approaches to psychology, and have explored historical debates around the Holocaust. They have also visited Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford- Upon- Avon for a cross-curricular visit.

In Year 7, more-able students also get the opportunity to work towards achieving the More- Able Award of Excellence at the end of the academic year. The Award involves regular reading, taking part in extra-curricular activities where possible, visiting museums and landmarks both inside and outside school, and tracking achievement. As part of the Award, students must complete a Project. This Project is chosen entirely by them and they have the option to present it as an essay/report of 2000-2500 words, or to present something physical, along with a 500-1000 word report. Students have 5 months to complete the Project, so as not to interfere with their normal schoolwork and social activities outside of school.

Year 8 MA Club- 3:15pm- 4:15pm, Imperial Campus, G47

This year, Year 8 students will be engaging with six half-termly projects which will provide evidence towards an Extended Project Qualification. Students will be choosing the subject areas which they would like to explore in more detail, as well as supporting topics for subjects on their time tables.

During Year 8 MA Club students will receive lectures from guest speakers demonstrating the value of learning and the importance of achieving good qualifications. There will also be numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities to help support students in building personal statements in Year 11.

Benefits of MA Club

  • Students have access to information / topics that are outside the curriculum
  • They can explore topics and events that they enjoy 
  • Students suggest topics / subjects to study at MA Club.
  • Students have the opportunity to host Open Evenings as Student Ambassadors and to be part of the End of Year Celebration Evening (previously, students have read out poems that they have written in front of parents, students, members of the college’s Senior Leadership Team, and guest speakers
  • MA students will get the opportunity to go on exclusive trips
  • Parents receive additional updates  as to their son/daughter’s progress throughout the year 

MA club is an amazing learning curve.  We study literary pieces, famous historical events and advanced computing skills.  Experience from working with other adolescents is key and can be very influential upon academic work. I've also met other students socially. Year 8 student

MA club is a club for students that are more able to do things than others. It gives you the opportunity to learn additional subjects outside of the curriculum on Mondays after college.  So far we have created a PowerPoint in a different language as an introduction to that language, studied the Holocaust, a year 9 student lead a lesson and taught us how to create a game using Scratch and we are now producing our own original board or computer game.  The club has helped me to meet more students and apply knowledge.  I've gained skills that will be useful in the future.  Year 7 student

How can I support my child?

  • Help your child to organise their time.
  • Encourage use of local facilities such as the library.
  • Organise visits to museums, science centres and art galleries.
  • Encourage discussion and debate in the home.
  • Demonstrate pride in achievement.

MA Club at Fullhurst Community College


MA Club at Fullhurst Community College


MA Club at Fullhurst Community College



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