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We aim to give students a positive experience of Music with a varied and practical approach to the study of the subject. Students are challenged to progress and develop their musical skills through performing, composing, listening, appraising and studying context.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum enables students to develop a range of creative skills while looking at broad range of musical areas.

UK Number 1 Artists

While studying UK Number 1 artists students will learn essential music theory while applying it practically to keyboards and singing. Students will also develop their performing and listening skills. Students will also look at the overall context of musicians and their songs, giving them a deeper understanding of why we listen to music and the meanings behind the songs.


While studying Musicals students will continue to expand on their essential music theory while introducing Ukuleles, Drums and Guitar. Students will further develop their performing and listening skills in preparation for Key Stage 4. Students will look at the characteristics of musicals while being able to identify what effect music has on a story. Students also develop their compositional skills and apply them practically in ensembles.

Key Stage 4 At Key Stage 4, our students are following a course written by Rock School Ltd. Students focus on four key areas of Instrumental Study, Composition, Music History and Performance. Students can develop their instrumental skills from any level of previous experience while applying new and old music theory to their studies. By studying music history students can look at their favourite music genres and how it compares to other genres, looking at what led to their inception. There are numerous opportunities for developing performance skills, both for the course and in a whole-school setting.

Extra-curricular information

There are numerous extra-curricular opportunities for engaging with Music at Fullhurst. The Fullhurst Youth Pop Choir began in 2018 and has been a highlight of Open Evenings, Presentation Evenings, Fashion Shows and the 2018 Christmas Showcase. Friday dinner times provide a great opportunity for students to try new instruments or develop their skills on old ones at Music Club. This year has

also seen the launch of Jam Music Workshops for Year 9 students wanting to develop their ensemble skills and perform together in a band.


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