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Philosophy and Ethics

In Philosophy & Ethics GCSE students are given an opportunity to gain a greater understanding into the different viewpoints around major issues in society today.  Students will be given the chance to develop their ability to form well-balanced arguments that show a wide range of ideas. Students study the Edexcel B GCSE specification.  

On this course, students will consider different human and religious attitudes towards a range of issues. Year 10 focuses on Christianity, whereas Year 11 focusses upon Islam. In both years, students are encouraged to compare other faiths or beliefs on the issues studied, including their own ideas and views.

Year 10 Curriculum

  • Marriage and Family (issues of equality, prejudice and discrimination, relationships, family planning)
  • Life and death (origins of life and the world, when life begins, abortion, euthanasia and beliefs about the afterlife)
  • Living a Christian Life (how Christians worship, the importance of prayer, pilgrimage etc.)

Christian beliefs

Understand the key beliefs and Christians follow, including creationism, stewardship, and why we are here.

Year 11 Curriculum

  • Crime and Punishment (issues around justice, treatment of prisoners, forgiveness and suffering, the death penalty)
  • Peace and conflict (pacifism, religious viewpoints and attitudes towards War and Holy War)
  • Living a Muslim Life (how Muslims worship, the 5 Pillars and obligations)

Muslim beliefs

Understand the key elements of the Muslim faith, such as holy books, the role of angels, the messengers, and life after death.

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