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Fullhurst Community College

Philosophy and Ethics

In Philosophy & Ethics students are given an opportunity to gain a greater understanding into the different viewpoints around major issues in society today.  Students will be given the chance to develop their ability to form well balanced arguments that show a wide range of ideas.

Key Stage 4 

Students  study the Edexcel B GCSE specification and complete the course with two exams and the end of year 11.  On this course students will consider different human and religious attitudes towards a range of issues such as:

  • relationships (issues of equality, gender, prejudice and discrimination)
  • life and death (origins of life and the world, when life begins, abortion, euthanasia and beliefs about the afterlife)
  • good and evil (issues around crime and punishment, treatment of prisoners, forgiveness and suffering)
  • human rights (social justice, freedom of expression, racial prejudice and discrimination, issues about wealth and poverty)

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