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Through the study of Religious Education, we aim to provide students with a broad understanding of some of the major issues in society today and the different viewpoints that people have around these issues, including religious world views.  Students are given the opportunity to explore, understand and question how and why people hold different beliefs on issues in order to better understand their place in society and promote understanding and acceptance of others’ beliefs.

Year 7 Curriculum

In year 7, students look at the concept of belief.  They examine what makes people believe and consider how some of their own beliefs influence their own morals. Students also look at the range of beliefs that exist in the UK today.  Students go on to look at issues around evil and suffering, exploring the difference between moral and natural evil and viewpoints towards it.  They also get the chance to examine the views that people hold around the issue of life after death.

Year 8 Curriculum

In year 8, students start by examining environmental issues faced and the different responses and reactions to them, considering issues like stewardship and animal rights.  Students also get the opportunity to discuss and explore different views on different medical and social issues such as whether organ donation/transplantation should be compulsory.  Students finish the year by examining views around peace and conflict, considering if war can ever be justified and what the different religious and non-religious views are.

Year 9 Curriculum

In year 9, students look at Marriage and Family as a focus study. With a Christian foundation, they will look at family and relationships, issues such a divorce, and family planning. They will look at things from a legal, as well as a moral perspective. They will have the opportunity to discuss different views that people will hold, and understand that not everyone will see things in the same way. They will be encouraged to express their finding and ideas, which gives a strong foundation for those students taking Philosophy and Ethics at GCSE.

Year 10 Curriculum

In year 10, students explore a detailed unit on abortion and euthanasia as a focus study. From religious and non-religious viewpoints, students get the opportunity to discuss and develop their knowledge of debateable topics. They will look into things from a legal and ethical moral perspective. They will develop the skills required to engage in the critical and reflective religious beliefs as well as develop their own positions on these topics giving them the opportunity to reflect and voice their opinions. Students can also opt to study GCSE Philosophy and Ethics in years 10 and 11.

Year 11 Curriculum

In year 11 students are exposed to their RE content in a range of ways, including through the tutor and assembly programme. 

Extra-curricular information

  • Access to prayer rooms within the school
  • Assemblies for all year groups
  • Links with local communities
  • Visits to different places of worship such as Leicester Cathedral and a local Temple.


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