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Welcome to Science

We aim to ensure that students will be scientifically literate individuals who are able to make sense of the world around them, make informed decisions and be socially responsible.  We also aim to equip our students with the functional skills that will enable them to be independent and responsible members of society.

All students study the three disciplines of science: biology, chemistry and physics. Each year we teach the three disciplines in separate blocks of teaching and these units have been well organised to ensure seamless transition between the key stages.  Links between what is studied at Key Stages 3 and 4 are explicitly made so that students build on what they already know when acquiring new knowledge.

Teachers set a culture of high expectations and aspirations for all students and they foster the belief, confidence and  resilience  for all our students to work hard and achieve well in their studies.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 science lessons students will:

  • Learn the fundamental theory and knowledge of all three disciplines.
  • Develop a sense of awe and wonder through enrichment of our curriculum.
  • Develop analytical skills through carrying out scientific investigations to explore phenomena such as magnetism and conservation of mass.
  • Develop their reading skills by reading and understanding scientific journals and articles.
  • Explore how our knowledge of science has been developed over time including learning about models of atomic structure and exploration of the Universe.
  • Learn to write evaluatively about theories and application of science and understand how scientific and moral ethics often influence the choices people make.

Key Stage 4

Our KS4 curriculum builds upon knowledge from KS3 in preparation for further study beyond Fullhurst.  All our students work towards GCSEs in Combined GCSES, allowing them to develop a broad understanding and knowledge base.  We follow the AQA trilogy exam specification. Students complete investigations throughout their GCSE which include microscopy, chemical analysis and exploring wave phenomena. There is also the option of an extra GCSE in science which is excellent preparation for this student wishing to consider a science career and move onto doing science at A level. Students are given knowledge organisers to support learning at home and students in year 10 and 11 have access to an online revision programme called Tassomai

Extra-curricular information

Members of the science department contribute to the colleges’s diverse programme of extra-curricular activities by providing opportunities such as combined and triple award science revision workshops, forensics and science club.  Throughout the year there are also numerous opportunities for trips to Cambridge University, Sea life centre and Warwick University.  Our year 9 students take part in the Dynamic DNA day at Leicester University. The BAE have delivered inspiring workshops to year 7 and 8 and STEM ambassadors have given talks to our year 8 students to support them in considering science as a future career.

Please contact main reception on 0116 282 4326 or via if you require any further information about the curriculum.



We have brought in an innovative computer programme to help students to complete their Science homework and support their revision.  Tassomai is an online multiple choice quiz that helps your son/daughter recall content and gives them all the valuable information that they need to succeed for GCSE Science.  Through an independent study, and the success we have had will our current year 11, it is proven that regular use of Tassomai can improve your son/daughters science grade.

Your son/daughter will know how to access the program. All they need to do is visit and type in their username and password.  There are also computers available at break and lunchtime every day in college if your son/daughter doesn't have access to a device, tablet, laptop or computer at home.  Please ensure that your son/daughter completes their homework on Tassomai weekly; we will be offering rewards to incentivise its regular use.



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