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Curriculum Intent


We aim to develop the analytical and enquiring minds of our students, as well as providing a tangible insight into the crucial role of statistics in the modern world. Specifically students will understand the reliability of the sources of information in today’s society how manufacturers use Quality Assurance to comply with regulations. Students will also learn how new medicines are trialled and how reliable the results of those trials are, they will understand key economic indicators such as Retail Price Index and Consumer Price Index and how these impact on their everyday lives. Statistics students also learn how and why the government uses complex calculations like standardised birth, death and unemployment rates. Additionally several units of the two-year course will broaden, deepen and support students’ statistical knowledge in their compulsory Mathematics GCSE.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

GCSE Statistics is offered as a two-year option subject at Fullhurst Community College and the 2018-2010 course is a brand new course offering the new 9-1 grades, assessed in two 90 minutes GCSE papers.


Year 10

In Year 10, students study five units:

  • Unit 1: Collection of data
  • Unit 2: Processing and representing data
  • Unit 3: Summarising data
  • Unit 4: Scatter diagrams and correlation
  • Unit 5: Time series


Year 11

In Year 11, students study three further units:

  • Unit 6: Probability
  • Unit 7: Index numbers
  • Unit 8: Probability distributions


Throughout the two-year course, students will be required to consider “the bigger picture” as they examine the role of statistics in industry and economics to gain skills they can transfer to a wide range of disciplines and careers

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