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The Fullhurst Pledge

The Fullhurst Pledge is our commitment to KS3 students to offer a wide range of additional learning and social activities designed to engage and challenge students. We encourage all students to take full advantage of all opportunities offered to them, to broaden their horizons, try something different, something out of their comfort zone and improve their self-confidence.  We keep a record for each student as it is particularly beneficial to reflect back on achievements.  

The Pledge is divided into five categories: The Arts, Careers, Community, Identity and Experience.

In Year 7, students will experience the Bronze tier of The Pledge, which will allow them to engage with a broad range of opportunities. Initially, they will:

  • See a theatrical performance
  • Participate in a ‘Speed Networking’ event with providers LEBC
  • Plant something for the future
  • Watch a musical performance

In Year 8, students can explore the Silver tier of The Pledge, which will see them:

  • Collaborate on a craft project
  • Visit a university
  • Support a local charity
  • Witness a speech on Identity from Just Like Us

And, in Year 9, students can complete their Pledge activities with the Gold Tier:

  • Be immersed in a gallery or art-space
  • Challenge yourself through enterprise
  • Try a new sport

The Pledge will conclude in Year 9 with a graduation, where students will attend a formal meal to celebrate their achievements.

For the ‘Experience’ category, there will be a trip each year of The Pledge. Year 7 students will visit a capital city (London), to see the sights and culture on offer, and visit major tourist attractions such as the London Eye. Being a city school many of our students have had little experience of nature. Year 8 students will get to explore the great outdoors with a visit to Monyash in Derbyshire’s Peak District. While there is a planned walk, we also schedule in ample time for just sitting and relaxing so students truly enjoy the countryside. Through these sorts of pledge activities, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of students involved with Duke of Edinburgh which is offered to all young people who show an interest from Year 9.

For Year 9, students will visit the beach town of Hunstanton, see the sea and visit the Sea Life Centre to explore what careers and opportunities lie in coastal places and the nature that lives there.

These experience trips will broaden students’ minds to explore life beyond our city, to raise their aspirations and allow them to see different ways of living.

On top of this, we encourage students to try new clubs, get involved with drama productions and attend events outside of school hours. Through assemblies, form time and teacher engagement there has been a noticeable increase in engagement with The Arts amongst students in recent years. 

Our aim is to prepare students with everything they need to start a life they are passionate about, from Careers, to qualifications and extra-curricular activities, a huge part of the Fullhurst experience is to engage with all the exciting opportunities and be prepared for your next steps.

Events such as careers week and trips to local universities help students to discover the different trajectories on offer in subjects they may enjoy, and encourage them to raise their aspirations further. Students are often surprised how so many career paths can begin from their subjects that they are already studying, especially English, Science and Maths.

There is always something on offer for students to get involved with to broaden horizons at Fullhurst, and chances to take on responsibilities to prove leadership qualities are encouraged throughout the year.

Find out more about some the events we have had this year by looking through our recent social media posts on Twitter. 

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